YOU ARE GREAT…yes you are.

Sharing unto deserving needy your legally, morally hard earned accumulations results to that un-explainable feeling of “satisfaction, more free flowing inhale-exhale, the ecstatic sense of as if we’re floating with the air and a bit slower than normal pulsations”.


GOD’s Almighty-ness at work.

Rekindle that feeling like slouching on a chair with this view at hand.

MAKE A WISH Peace Shot

Blessing others… we are blessed back with such a state of inner peace. Contentment. Feeling fulfilled.

Satiety is even more when the “resource” shared ensues to ”sacrifice” of one or more “wants/needs”
with which the family wholeheartedly agrees to such sharing.

By so, YOU ARE GREAT! Yes you are.

Wanna feel GREAT? Read on…
Kids WISH a lot.
From possessing or plainly enjoying a simple toy to freeing themselves from life threatening illnesses.
Some can foot the bill while majority can’t.

MAKE-A-WISH Philippines (MAWP) is the FIRST and ONLY wish-granting foundation in the country.

Affiliated with MAKE-A-WISH International, the largest wish-granting org in the world, MAWP aims to grant wishes of children ages 3-17 with life-threatening med conditions to experience our generosity and face lives full of hope, vibrant strength and joy.

Through simple time-dedication to a resourceful grant, THIS…we can make possible…
if we SHARE.

MakeAWish Pic

Asher wished only for a toy car… what he got was even more!
Not only a play car to enjoy with, generous-triathlete-actor Kuya Matteo Guidicelli drove him around in his ultra fast sportscar.
Great day for Asher.


7 wish kids’ dreams came true at Kidzania, thanks to the ever-so-generous Wish Genies from Macquarie.
Above is Robby, 5 years old with Rhabdomyosarcoma,
rocking his new shades and the toy Ford Car that he wished for!


March 20 was the International Day of Happiness
and MAWP celebrated it the best way it knew how to spread happiness- by granting wishes.
9 wishes were granted that joyful day.
Thank you to our ever-supportive Wish Genies Pinky Webb , Rovilson Fernandez, and couple Jeremy & Rica Marcilla.
Joaquin (at pic above), 4 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have a tablet.”
Amarelle, 8 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have HK shoes (size 32), coloring books, ballpen.”
Arhian, 5 years old with Neuro blastoma, “I wish to have a Dora Stuffed toy & backpack.”
Glenn Patrick, 8 years old with Acute Myleogenic Leukemia, ” I wish to have a Spiderman Robot.”
Dane, 3 years old with Leukemia, “I wish to have Hot wheels.”
Alejandro, 9 years old with Osteo Genetic Imperfecta, “I wish to have a Lego Creator.”
Mark, 7 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have a tablet.”
John Ren, 13 years old with Celebral Palsy, “I wish to have a tablet.”
Kayla, 10 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have a kitchen toy.”

Aside from getting their wishes granted, these cuties enjoyed an afternoon of parlor games and art activities
while their family members blissfully witnessed the “smiles and laughter’ that pervaded the air.
Oh my. Fulfilled.


Organized by Time Horizon Events, a dinner banquet was held at
The MONOCHROME (above),
an AAA ultra secured and serenely nestled events’ place
in fantastically fastest rising business and residential site
south of Metro Manila, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

The event not just created awareness amongst attendees,
but they were truly teary-eyed-enlightened hearing testimonies from Darwin, Raymond and Mary Rose
kids who have been beneficiaries of the foundation.

Mr. Bill Hevener one of the Board of Trustees, passionately explained how they operate and why they believe in the
Power of a Wish
a human experience of hope, strength and joy for these kids.

Let’s give MAWP a call. There are various WAYS you can SHARE.
Quite difficult or apprehensive the first time?
The moment you get the feel of “fulfillment and joy” the first time, next times are peanuts.

MAKE-A-WISH Philippines


Let’s put a “smile” to as many kids’ lives as we can.
That “wonderful smile” almost always coupled with teary-eyed, gratitude-filled  faces of recipients.
If it ain’t GOD’s hands blessing us and the children we’re blessing with,

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