“Bruhaha” about food preservatives and flavor enhancers (MSG, KNO2, additives, etc.) is always a trending hashtag in my country.
Many turn their backs and shun intake of food due to presence of some food chems
which they “just heard” from others as “bad”.
Familiar with “herd-ism”?
That state of mind: that when some say so…oh yah…for me to be “in”…I must say so, too, with evident lack of self study and/or research.

Nothing wrong. That’s your life.
In fact, that’s the result of country’s wretchedness now due to
“hero worship following and voting pattern for government officials”

Going back, there is presently a ban on the use of certain meat preservative in P.I.
Potassium Nitrite (KNO2) or “salitre” or “saltpeter”.
That food chemical responsible for “curing” processed meat products like:
“longanizas” (native sausages)
“tocino” (anisado wine and sugar sweetened pork)
hams, bacon, corned beef and all those dry/wet sausages produced in the world.

Even without food color, notice the pinkish color of meat when boiled or fried.
Side by side on a freezer, witness processed meats’ staying power of not spoiling
for longer period as opposed to fresh ones.
Bite to a bit more tender and flavorful meat than your usual.
These are all due to the “cure”.

Years back, in an article or two, there were reports that KNO2 “might have caused” the “cancer” in rats fed with HUGE VOLUME of processed meat cured with said chemical….no further confirmation that KNO2 caused the illness directly.

This led to worldwide panic that it was banned.
IIRR, U.S. report claimed humans have to consume 15 kilos of KNO2 cured meat DAILY for 10 years

to contract cancer…that is, if you will.
(Correct me, it could have been the other way around: 10 kilos DAILY for 15 years)
Of course, Pinoys followed suit. With un-open arms, meat processors-folks in Pampanga and other parts of the country obeyed. Them, who had been utilizing said ingredient for decades finding no harmful results (not even a single report of “cancer”
caused by eating their “tocinos or longanizas or hams or bacon”)

Sodium Nitrite (NaNO2) was developed to replace KNO2.
To date NaNO2 is used worldwide and is approved by utilizing countries’ FDAs as OK for human consumption and considered GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).
Used now for ALL our fave processed meat products.

Before the BIG question, here’s my major premise:
Singapore is my dream country.
I wish to retire and see my sunset here.
I am a man of discipline.
Hungry for determined leadership
out to instill discipline amongst its constituents,

fostering true-honest-sincere administration effecting genuine peace and order,
heartfelt concern and care for the citizens (more so for the elderly and the poor), PRs, expats and foreigners-tourists, strictest implementation of the laws no matter who the subject(s) is/are and sure shot programs fully studied and implemented not for mere “votes hunting” but for real country’s growth (not of his/her or cohorts’ money vaults).
And I see, witness and spell ALL of the above in this petite nation I love.

The ultra “deafening” and mega clear examples of “discipline” plus
“strict implementation” are:
the “deafening” silence due to vehicles’ non blaring of horns no matter what
and the wholehearted observance of
no counter flowing despite heaviest traffic snarls.
Can you beat that?

The “only” place I’ve known and witnessed where restro clients line up and fill their condiments container on per need basis. Not the usual and normal ways of many in other countries where they fill to overflowing-brim-not fully consuming-going to waste…or directed to home consumption. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.


No counter-flows. No blowing of horns. Each one waiting for their turn patiently, happily and with the mindset…“riders safety is our prime priority”. Oh WOW. Not here.


Cleanest. Most disciplined.


No matter how busy, patiently waiting for the green-go-pedestrian light before proceeding. Law abiding. A good example to young ones.

But here goes my question:
I chanced upon this product at the shelf of one of the cold storages.
Mind you, it’s bought by locals and foreigners, educated and issues-aware at that.
Staff in-charge claimed processed meats with similar labeling-acceptance for the use of KNO2 are best sellers.
I did so too for I don’t believe in the earlier reports about KNO2
and for the fact that I love to consume it.
Potassium NitrateClick on the pic to zoom and check KNO2.

Singapore implements its laws to the fullest.
But why this product with evident and clear imprinting of KNO2 use
if such ingredient is banned.

My own “maybes”:
1. The report or the ban could had been corrected and retrieved.
Could be as some meat processors in the country (P.I.) now return to the use of “salitre” claiming it more effective than NaNO2.
2.Consumers in Singapore do not succumb to “herd-ism”. They analyse issues and decide for themselves.
2. If this is allowed openly in a country like Singapore,

Well, I’ve consumed it.
Brought home 4 packs back to P.I. together with 3 packs of my
“to die for Johnsonville Cheese-Filled Hotdogs”…yummiest.

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