Surprising Health Benefits and Usages of ONION.


I chanced upon “a rotting onion bulb” in our ref’s veggie cooler.
Examining closely, saw a tiny greenish chive still intact at bulb’s head.
Believing it’s still alive and can be resurrected, got a clear drinking glass,
poured in little tap water, peeled off browned skin and set onion on it.
Left it by the side of sink. No direct sunlight.
Traveled for days and when I came back 12 days thereafter…WOW!
Above shot tells it all.
Quantity may not be enough for my usual recipe-cooking issues particularly the chive.
But it now lies in my office working table as…
a conversation piece.
Read on…
1. Sore throats can be soothed by “onion tea”. Boil 300ml. tap water with 5-6 slices of medium onion.
Drain to remove boiled cloves, drink hot or cool via ref for while.
2. Besides flavor and nutrients, health-promoting phytochemicals in onions improve the Vitamin C in our body
thereby enhancing immunity levels. Read more here:
(thank you mdidea)
3.Onion chives (onion leaves without the bulb), like carrots, melon, mango, lettuce, red and green sweet bell peppers are
rich in Vitamin A.
4. Raw onion enhances production of good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) that our healthy hearts
become ready for healthy loving.
5. A bit painful burn(s)? Rubbing onions unto it(them) will mild the pain.
6. “The chromium in onions works to improve the cell’s response to insulin. Studies of diabetics show that onions lower
insulin levels and improve tolerance for glucose.” Read more here:

(thank you FITDAY)
7. Centuries ago, onions were utilized to reduce inflammation and heal infections.
8. Onions thrive on consuming free radicals that your risk of developing gastric ulcers is reduced
9. For honeybee bites, rub onion juice on affected area for immediate relief from pain and “heat” sensation.
As bug-repellant, rubbing onion on your skin aids in your walking freely-unmindful of them. Had been bitten?
Still, rubbing onion on area will ease the pain.
10. Crushed onion slices in water will clean metal surfaces. Just rub with the use of cloth.
11. I use water with sliced onion to get rid of our home’s unhealthy odors emitted by chemicals in paints.
12. The most important which, also, I do firmly believe to be so,
     is this:
                 onions attract and collect air born bacteria and viruses thereby purifying your home thereat”
Read more here:
(thank you Snopes)
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