Para kayong SINAMPAL.


Coming from a simple man himself.
Simple thinking. Un-aristocratic. Un-spoiled.
All approaches are simple and B2B (Back to Basic).

BTW, for the nth time you (or one of your clans), were elected to that office, where were you?
What have you accomplished?
Why didn’t you do these before?

Well according to an unimpeachable source (the nobody I just met a while ago), reasons are:
1st year of term: busy educating self
2nd year of term: busy making-creating funds for the coming poll in 2 years.
3rd year of term: busy campaigning for next year’s poll.
This goes on until the last term-then a clan comes in for JUST 1 term…same banana takes place-then he comes back to do it again for the next 3 terms.

OMG!!! Oh yah. You’re so busy.
3 “MUSTS” to be an effectively efficient public servant:
1. sincere concern for improving plight of constituents/citizenry via well studied programs NOT mere dole outs or “abuloy” to KB4L (Kasal, Binyag, Birthday, Burol, Basketball (courts), Libing) that thereby promote MENDICANCY (“panglilimos”)
2. determination to serve via above programs
3. “balls” to carry on the concern and determination.

What did you lack? ALL?
So why are you there?
Para kayong sinampal ng isang “Promdi”…na nagta-trabaho naman…ng sincere.

My conclusion:
No other Philippine President did ever accomplish what Duterte had-days even before his proclamation
transcending to few days right after such.
“Marami napahiya”. “Manigas kayo”. “Oh sino sisisihin niyo?”
This is a…


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