Memories linger…a write up about an events’ place worth your while and bucks.

June is wedding month,
reason for the term; June Bride.
How about:
*inciting your guests to your venue sans the gridlock traffic of the Metro?
*allowing them to wander around in almost hectare-wide parking area
in choice of best spot for their vehicles and
noticing their contentment-feeling secured-not a bit of worry as they leave them behind?
*witnessing them in awe viewing the man made lake?
*seeing the comfort in their faces inhaling the freshest air ever of the surrounding?
*wowing them as they enter the site?
*feeling, too, your guests’ satiety as they enjoy the food repertoire prepared by the site’s accredited premier food caterers?

What then could it be and where?






The events place of Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna.

And it’s not just for weddings but for any momentous assemblage, like now,
2 religious groups hold their weekend services here:
Victory Church-Sta. Rosa
Saddleback Church

We could go on and on with notes, praises, exact location, caterers, prices etc..
Better yet scan their website and FB page and find out replies to your questions.

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