Good location-a serene neighborhood.
Refurbished flat. Austere interior and furnitures.
Creating a name, quite successful as packed to the brim
when my family tried its concoctions.
FOOD? HELL!!! Another one of those “I was there” places; “to be seen resto”; “oh, yah! been there”…in short…WAS THERE MARKET (“maski ano ka pa, kahit na ano pa lasa ng food mo…malaman lang ng LAHAT NA KA FACEBOOK mo na nanggaling na rin ako diyan”). Or in English…, similar to previous post, visit once, paid luxuriously for bad food then brag to everyone via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Imagine a “monggo soup” so bland-realy BLAND, as in tinambakan ng tubig galing sa gripo (as if poured with plain tap water). Soaked monggo beans, sauteed onion and garlic plus “hibe” (dried shrimps) that rendered the total “baho” (bad smell) or “antot” (really bad smell!) to the recipe. BLAND!!! BLAND!!! BLAND!!!

Oh my, nagpa-uso pa…putting “chicharon” fried in rancid oil on top. Really HELL!!! Para bagang sinisilaban wetpaks ko sa galit.
(never mind translating this part)

Roasted chicken sprinkled with “I don’t know herbs & spices” was “sira na” (foul smell signalling poultry is like double-dead). Out of 2 pieces-we ate 1/4. No take home. Lalakas benta ng Imodium. (Imodium is an anti-diarheal we might have taken had we decided to take home the left-overs)

Sige, waste your money…try!
CLUE: apelyido ng napangasawa ni CS na naging siota naman ni P na Mama’s boy-naging playboy-na dahil spoiled sa buong buhay niya-lahat nakukuha niya-at ngayon akala niya LAHAT MAPAPALUHOD NIYA.
(For my readers in USA & other countries, just ask a Filipino around for the translation. Nyahahaha.)

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