Chicken Feet

Chicken Feet


(The Favorite Chinese Dimsum Innovated)

The dreaded per-served prep by some. Others consider it

as “a-must-side” in combi with their dimsum and dumpling sets.

Called “adidas” by many.

Whether we like it or not…it’s a delicacy.

“Adobo” instantaneously quipped by friends.

“Oyster sauce and black beans sautéd” butted-in by office staff.


“Achuete colored, sesame oil and garlic infused” was my reply.

“Achuete colored” (fresh annatto seeds soaked in tap water)

 Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

Serves:    6

Cooking media: sautéing pan, pressure cooker, timer

Game plan: This is fast. Be alert.

1 kilo chicken feet (about 24-26 pieces), fully cleaned, toes and nails cut,
1 bulb small fresh garlic, cloves peeled and crushed
80 ml. soya or palm oil for sautéing
50 ml. sesame oil
3 grams salt
2 grams ground black pepper
6 pieces star anise
2 pieces finely chopped “sili labuyo” (bird’s eye chilies)
2 pieces chopped small “sili pansigang” (chili finger, banana chili)
100 grams achuete seeds soaked in150 grams tap water for 1 hour. Strained. Colored water set aside.
Water 50 ml.


  • 1 Heat soya/palm oil in sautéing pan. Add in garlic. Brown a bit.
    1. Pour in chicken feet, scatter the salt, pepper, star anise and the OPTIONAL MSG. Tumble constantly until light brown.
    2. Transfer to suitable pressure cooker. Add in sesame oil, sili labuyo, sili pansigang, colored water and the 50ml. tap water.
    3. Cover and cook. When “whistling” starts set timer to 3 minutes. Done.
    4. Carefully subject cooker under running tap water to cool off. Retrieve feet in a suitable server and scoop up the yummy sauce on a separate bowl.
    5. Serve. Enjoy. Use of chopsticks will add to your family’s excitement.

    There ‘s a need to sauté chicken feet in an open wide mouth pan as doing it straight via pressure cooker might dismember and/or break feet prematurely due to tight space during tossing and tumbling..

    DISCLAIMER: Above are test kitchen and household-produced dishes. All ingredients utilized are of food grade quality passing international and domestic sanitary standards. While we find the results highly acceptable, no guarantee nor explicit assurance is hereby issued when recipe is performed by readers. For one, although of similar breed, spices, herbs and other ingredients vary from country to country/region to region that possibility of affecting end taste, aroma & bite-feel is great. Further thereto, mentioned sensory evaluation (aroma, taste, mouth-feel) is subjective.


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