AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo”

Aviles Original Bulalo

AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo”

In this aged life of mine, I’ve tasted different types of Bulalo (boiled beef shank).
From the very bountiful addition of cabbage, pechay, Baguio beans and corn to
mega affluent pouring of beef flavored cubes or powder.
Overall taste is apparently doused with combination of the above
enticing clients that their prep is “authentic” or “original” or “the best”.
You exclaim WOW when they flood you with lorry loads of extra soup
clearly dumped with whole black peppercorns.

Sorry. Not for me.
I go for the real taste of beef.
This I found with Aviles’ Bulalo.
No veggies. Plain boiled beef and I love it.
A bit cured, I supposed, as lean meat is evidently pinkish.
Still the same aroma, taste and presentation the first time I went here in 2006.
Soup, also aplenty and refillable, has that authentic “lasa” of boiled beef in a gigantic
vat, with abundant beef bones, and done over and over again.
This gives its prep genuine aftertaste.
Haven’t you witnessed this in side streets of Hongkong
where souped noodles are heavenly?

No more adjectives here.
I urge you to visit the place and scan for yourselves.





SInaing Na Tuna

“Sinaing Na Tuna”

Our Ulam

And we decided to stay in the air conditioned area.

Aircon Area2

Bought some “Pasalubong” before stepping out.


Highly recommended. 
Bring your loved ones and friends. You won’t regret the experience despite the travel.

National Highway, Real, Calamba City, Laguna
Tel: (049)545 2772

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