(Very bad) Busina (horn)… busina ng busina. Why?

8602174@Traffic Lights: (many, in fact even majority of radio & tv anchors/hosts call them “STOP LIGHT”. OMG NO. Traffic light it is.)
* Many Pinoy motorists blow horns the EXACT moment traffic light turns “green”. More so if they’re on the 2nd to _nth vehicle behind. WHY? To alert the one in front? Can’t you WAIT? If you’re such in a hurry…FLY you no-brain driver! You make worst air pollution adding your noise pollution.
* How about those who also blow horns at he sight of “green” even if they’re in front? This is what I call…“tsoopid”. Forced by habit?
@Right or left turns in 2-way streets:
* Opposite your direction, the guy has intention to turn left to a side street. Aside from turning signal light continuously blinking and  BLOWING his horn the loudest, he will make “pitik-pitik” the dim/bright light stick (toggle up & down or push & pull the dim/bright switch/stick) as if saying…”HETO AKO KAKALIWA AKO (or KAKANAN AKO) AKO MUNA AKO MUNA (here I am-I will turn left or right- give way give way) OMG. Can’t wait. Go to hell.
* He likes to pass right (or left), then he blows horn at every vehicle he passes as if his brake system is NOT functioning. WHY?  Mr. Driver is your horn your brake? Or, are your reflexes SLOW to respond to any untoward situation? Or, are you hesitant to overtake? So don’t. You ADD to noise pollution.
@Buses & Taxis:
Drivers of these PUVs blow horns as if they own the streets. Horn if they call passengers attention. Horn if somewhat you make a slight “menor” (slow down a bit) and they’re at the back or even at far end. Who do they think they are. Solons? Senators? Mayors? Governors? Vice Govs? Barangay Heads? Councilmen? Cops? Or friends of cops? Or acquaintance of somebody? Or neighbor of somebody? Or their dogs make love to the dogs of somebody? Who
Problem with these buses and taxis, while at your tail end-when you slow down even a bit,
they blow their horns as if they’re dying or have to make “poopoh”. But check where they stop…full stop…when loading, unloading or negotiating with passengers…
IN THE MIDDLE. And they give deaf ears to their cohorts’ blowing of horns.

Check yourselves guys. Note where you belong.
Add your own experience(s) in the comment section below and I will publish them
with due credit to you.

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