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Para kayong SINAMPAL.

Coming from a simple man himself. Simple thinking. Un-aristocratic. Un-spoiled. All approaches are simple and B2B (Back to Basic). BTW, for the nth time you (or one of your clans), were elected to that office, where were you? What have you accomplished? Why didn’t you do these before? Why? Well according to an unimpeachable source […]

CONDEMNATION: Another Burger House

  It really pains me that many of “us” “happy eaters”, while paying the right higher amount, are served with food where raw materials are the ones used by LOW COST equivalent. A good example is: for almost 95% similarity, the raw mats used in the production of “those P20.00 1+1 roadside burgerans” are also […]

“Law of Supply & Demand”…its real meaning.

Mucho. Not so. The Law of Supply & Demand…the “real” meaning. (by: J. Dante S. Morados) GREED that is. Someone, somewhere along the path of sale, got GREEDY. Allow me to sift this matter. And pardon my redundancy in the utilization of some words as I just wish to be very simply-clear expounding the topic. […]

(Bad) Glamourized “begging” and an insult to your capability.

Early Sunday morning 5:00am mass. Nobody was around except for few parishioners. Vehicles parked at both sides of wide street…really wide that you can play soccer in the middle. After the mass street was already swarmed by people, young, old, PWDs, apparently strong ones etc. “Pupungas-pungas pa. Yung iba may MUTA pa sa mata” As […]

Engine-Oil-Driver liken to Couple-Communication-Prayer

I have read a Twitter post that likens “oil” of an engine to “prayer” in a marriage. I completely dis-agree. “Oil” is an active need for the engine to run. “Prayer” is passive approach to a marriage…always seeking…always requesting…always asking…always petitioning. Due to “prayers” the concrete points of both spouses are more often delegated to […]

Few things about recipes

HEAVENLY CRISPY. NO DOUBLE FRYING…Ultra crispy outside heavenly tender and juicy inside.     Indulge in the “marinade mix” that catapulted  this ChiQ-Juan to its ultra crunchy creation. No mega dusting of flour or starch. Just the right amount incorporated into its breading blend applied post marination. The blend of ingredients in its breading made possible […]

Surprising Health Benefits and Usages of ONION.

SURPRISING HEALTH BENEFITS & USES OF ONION I chanced upon “a rotting onion bulb” in our ref’s veggie cooler. Examining closely, saw a tiny greenish chive still intact at bulb’s head. Believing it’s still alive and can be resurrected, got a clear drinking glass, poured in little tap water, peeled off browned skin and set […]

My new “Buddy”…in car amidst traffic, while watching movies and every sudden rumbling of tummy.

A bit break from recipe issues while I prep for the next poultry serving that will be posted following this. Next EAT.LEARN.DISCOVER “chicken” recipe issuance will surely entice you to go into fried chicken biz and compete with stalwarts like: Bon Chon, KFC, Jollibee’s Chicken Joy or Shakey’s Chicken Packs (Solo, Buddy). Pardon for not […]

Blog Comments Analyzed by a Psychologist.

BLOG COMMENTS ANALYZED Noticing proliferation of blog comments that are profane, ridiculous and degrading, I conferred with a psychologist-friend to seek her take on why these types of readers are seemingly happy doing so. The usual target of “mockery” is the subject dealt with and NOT the author. For if the writer is put to […]

The truth about “extenders” in the food we eat (2nd of 2 series). TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) What are these?

TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) Mix 1part TVP:3 parts water. GROUND MEAT (Pork or Beef) Combine with Hydrated TVP. Blend well unto food mixer. Will you still notice the TVP in your Sausages (hotdogs, franks, longanizas etc.), Embutidos, Burgers, The Seemingly Beef in Your Noodles, Spaghetti Meatballs etc.? TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) (or sometimes called Textured […]

The truth about “Extenders” in the food you eat. First of 2 series: Chicken MDM

   Click on the pics to bring you to   BOYD International Food Traders They market all types of meat-poultry carcasses and portion cuts worldwide. What are Chicken MDM’s? (Mechanically Deboned Meat) These are chicken meat engaged in sieve forced-through by high pressure to separate bones from flesh. This material is widely used worldwide for […]

(Very bad) Busina (horn)… busina ng busina. Why?

@Traffic Lights: (many, in fact even majority of radio & tv anchors/hosts call them “STOP LIGHT”. OMG NO. Traffic light it is.) * Many Pinoy motorists blow horns the EXACT moment traffic light turns “green”. More so if they’re on the 2nd to _nth vehicle behind. WHY? To alert the one in front? Can’t you […]

(Really bad) The Rising Unemployment…my views. Why?

Before, circa 70’s & 80’s, when we, the working group, were called for job interviews, all preps were in order. What we shall wear defines our being. Clean, neat and dressed like “pamburol” as teasingly termed. After days ahead of due diligence scouting where the office is for said sked, we come 15-30 minutes before […]

You dislike MSG (Monosodium Glutamate-Vetsin). Do you know that the other types of food you eat contain the same ingredient as MSG? The truth behind this dreaded enhancer. Read on.

You dislike MSG (Monosodium Glutamate or Vetsin). Fine…but do you know that the other types of food you eat contain the same ingredient as MSG? THE TRUTH BEHIND YOUR DREADED MSG. Have seen, witnessed, heard many saying… “I don’t like MSG & I don’t eat food with MSG”. I can say…tell that to the marines.Look […]

(Resto Review) My expectation failed me…tremendously. Never to shell out a cent…again. 

A little break from issuing out recipes, please allow me to express my feelings re this “vaunted” Wagyu serving resto. With Pangs, fetched my daughter, Cha, last Sunday where she and her Mom heard mass while I engaged in my usual  weekend exercise. Breakfast at her unit or out usually follows our activity. That bright […]

After 14+ years I returned…sniffed, critically tasted every bit, subconsciously compared to others…and WHOA started to like Fridays.

More than 14 years back when I used to frequent Fridays at Glorietta 4 (in Makati City, Philippines) most nights a week as such was our meeting point with my daughter, Cha, then working with a multinational firm across the street. 2-3 bottles of my fave SMB Pale plus finger food (buffalo wings mostly) until […]

Rancid chicken, pork belly, pork chop or “bangus”…would you notice? You’re a foodie. You must.

Days of pounding questions again for applicants wanting to be cooks, assistant cooks & kitchen helpers. 96% had previous kitchen hot experiences. Can’t help but notice the absence of basic taste familiarities. And so, I am literally dragged by circumstances to look back August 2013 and copy-paste my post of that day.  Of the so […]

BORACAY (2nd of 2 posts)…modus of some hotels & the “irk-ies”.

Whether you’re on a morning’s much needed fresh air intake to replace the carbon-mono laden oxygen in our lungs (vehicles’ emitted and/or secondary cigarettes’ smoke) …or on an afternoon serene rest by the beach front “killing time” (what a “Pinoy” way of expressing ” to pass the time”) or honing your photography skills (Oh my. […]

BORACAY, on tourism service analyzer’s & food critic’s perspectives. First of two.

After a long straight year of hussles, heartaches and grinding, time for our (“Pang’s” & mine) long awaited re-charging vacation in a bit serene no-horn blowing vehicles-by the sea haven. Peace & quiet…even just during an early morning white sand stroll. Never mind the night rumblings, I can go with it at times. As early […]

(Family Time) Hmmm…little action, sun’s warmth, cool-fresh air & revitalizing view.

I chanced upon this file of shots with family. In particular, those taken March 15, 2009 from a public viewing deck at Tagaytay City. (south of Manila, province of Cavite, Region IV, Luzon, Philippines) One of the most popular & widely visited tourist destinations for its cool breeze (2,080 ft. above sea level), colorful flowers, […]

In search for a Valentine’s Day venue to date Pangs.

Even if I and “Pangs” (slang of Panga-Palanga, a Visayan term meaning “dear”, “my love” or a “loved one”) always make it a point to take dinner out, being just 2 at home, in lieu of dwelling-cooked sharing, last night-we decided to scout for a place where to spend the day of hearts. One time, […]

(Family Sports) I miss my #1 passion.

One year and 1 month today I have not competed in my #1 passion: IPSC shooting. The agencies tasked to issue licenses, transport & carry permits, for reasons beneficial to I don’t know who else, aside from the government coffers, made it ultra difficult to secure any of the above. And this is to the […]

BAGWANG captured the hearts & appetite of 650+ participants @ NESTLE’s National Sales Kick Off 2014 (Blue Leaf Filipinas). Proud to have served you Nestle.

While 5 full-force staff are ultra busy deep frying Bagwang at the back kitchen, front-liners in that little corner at top-right are getting ready for the 6:00pm (Jan. 08/14) influx of hungry participants. …and a brief snap for posterity…cleared our minds…focused…wide smile all the way through ready, really ready for these:     part of […]

(Food Photography) An array of “bokeh” in this Christmas lunch with Pangs & Cha @ Akira.

Real fancy way of offerings at this Teppanyaki resto. Though not much flavour output as “Tep” recipes are just plain salted, peppered and buttered, Pangs, Cha & I enjoyed the main issue of offer: “freshness” in a “fancy”, just “fancy” way. …and that completes our Christmas lunch.      


Was with my wonderful family after Joax’ triathlon, …and as always, after each finish by any family member, a little celebration meal is in order. Proceeded to a Chinese resto nearby. And this caught my immediate attention: WHAT? And check this out: 9 Unfortunate Truths About Our Favorite BACON as taken from Huffpost-Taste

How to play “ukelele”…hmmm…but not really this way. Oh heck, just read.

Our family’s little Juan, my youngest grandkid, really belts out songs at his early, 1 year old, age. Songs taught by brod & 2 sisters plus the ones he hears & sees from tv programs. (Fanatic of x-factor & “Carlie”) 1.8 years old last Christmas, I decided to gift him with “ukelele” and watch what […]

A gloomy day commiserating with Typhoon Yolanda’s ravaged victims & survivors.

In Manila, we are safe & sound. Everything is normal. But this shot sort of sympathizes with our fellowmen down mid & south. Could imply worldwide feeling & sympathy towards victims & survivors of Typhoon Yolanda that ravaged Southern Luzon, Visayas & Northern Mindanao regions of the country. The outpouring of worldwide support, acting as […]

I pray…vs. PDAF

Undergoing 2nd 1/3 life of mine I’ve been under leadership of many Philippine Presidents. From Elpidio Quirino (end-1953) to date. Vividly I could remember THERE ARE ONLY 2 amongst them where during their incumbency…WORST TRAGEDIES BECOME PART OF OUR DAILY LIVES. Both are perceived to be Pope-ly honest and sincere but mice & cats around […]

No matter what, nothing can stop us…we will prevail.

Can’t help but to reminisce the past and post this. Lots of friends ask me: * what do participants get in joining the triathlon or duathlon? * they seem foolish spending huge sums for the gear-ups plus training then get nothing? * It’s bull….  I’ll just sit back home, relax and do little stretching till […]

Honey enhances flavor of this cured round-porkloin bacon.

Honey rounded-off  the flavor of this round porkloin bacon. In the production of our frozen processed meat line, definite as the sun will rise, is our use of U.S.FDA-Approved food grade Sodium Nitrite (NaNO3) granules to “cure” the different types of meat we market. Our own brands of “meat cures” are blends of very fine […]

I never fail to stare at this pic to re-energize me.

After the whole long week of daily grind at office, of hassling thru monstrous traffic, of getting damn really bad news about our government officials’ & politicos’ grafts & corrupting activities…with a cup of coffee, staring at this shot of my youngest grandson…and boilah…I feel good again.

“Hosme ang gulo”. (OMG, WTF, FS messy). Only in the Phils.

Last year, this caught my attention. Ordinarily, we wouldn’t mind. But deeper thinking it could mean a lot of things. And so, the snap. Submitted to Bigstock, analyzed subsequently approved to be included in their millions of portfolio shots. I’ve got thousands of comments and insinuations relative to this shot. And I know you’ve got […]

99% of those interviewed do not even know what “rancid taste” means. As foodie, do you?

Of the hundreds I’ve interviewed for the different resto-stalls-special events positions needed, ONLY 2 or 3 know what “rancidity” is. Sad, as many are graduates of cooking schools, culinary institutes, food technology, chemistry and HRM. Chicken shot above is hereby presented as it is almost always the type of food “rancidity” is very evident. RANCID. […]