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Taal Vista Lodge, Tagaytay City, Philippines

Savor the best in center table offerings amidst shivery atmosphere, crisp refreshing inhales of oxygen, atop views of world acclaimed Taal lake, greeneries and hmmmmm re-invigorating breeze. Join me as we delve into their “bragging rights”. One sunday, was in my usual “alone again naturally” state, my legs and driving acumen led me to, once […]

AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo”

AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo” In this aged life of mine, I’ve tasted different types of Bulalo (boiled beef shank). From the very bountiful addition of cabbage, pechay, Baguio beans and corn to mega affluent pouring of beef flavored cubes or powder. Overall taste is apparently doused with combination of the above enticing clients that […]

Memories linger…a write up about an events’ place worth your while and bucks.

June is wedding month, reason for the term; June Bride. How about: *inciting your guests to your venue sans the gridlock traffic of the Metro? *allowing them to wander around in almost hectare-wide parking area in choice of best spot for their vehicles and noticing their contentment-feeling secured-not a bit of worry as they leave […]

YOU ARE GREAT…yes you are.

Sharing unto deserving needy your legally, morally hard earned accumulations results to that un-explainable feeling of “satisfaction, more free flowing inhale-exhale, the ecstatic sense of as if we’re floating with the air and a bit slower than normal pulsations”. WHY? GOD’s Almighty-ness at work. Rekindle that feeling like slouching on a chair with this view […]

Singapore = leadership, discipline, system, cleanliness = progress.

Millions had been written about my fave haven…Singapore. For the nth time since 2004 my whole family keeps coming back 2-3 times a year. I like the governance. The late Lee Kuan Yew is my idol for leadership, determination to propel the country to heights, sincerity, integrity, discipline,  system and care for citizens and PRs (Permanent […]

Majestic FUNDACION PACITA Plus Heart Stopping and Kicky BATANES On Spot. (Part 2)

  Sunday (December 14, 2014), post wedding my family’s Day 3 at picturesque Batanes. Still, King Sun was shy to come out. Wind, drizzles, fog and cold breeze became “sticky” to the entirety of our Southern Island tour. Can’t decide otherwise. Make do of the weather. Pull out your reading and/or magnifying glasses. Behold few […]

Majestic FUNDACION PACITA Plus Heart Stopping and Kicky BATANES On Spot. (Part 1)

MAJESTIC FUNDACION PACITA PLUS HEART STOPPING & KICKY BATANES ON SPOT 12-13-14 …chronological, easy to remember and far from being trivialized by either spouse-intention of which is to deter misunderstanding (for NOT remembering). It actually is December 13, 2014, the ultra memorable date chosen by Anton & Cha, my daughter, for them to exclaim “I […]

If You Were Josh…Which Road Will You Traverse?

Scenario: you are college freshman and your “close-minded”- dogmatic and argumentative Philosophy Professor commenced his class by requiring each and every student to “disavow”, in writing, the existence of GOD. So doing, you go on with your class. Doing NOT…you fail…outright. In this dilemma…what will your decision be? Check out what JOSH did? Fortunate, lucky […]

I found our family’s new re-charging hideaway. 

Ecstatically scenic. Romantically serene. Distinctively outpouring with staff courteousness complementing top-notch amenities… THE BELLEVUE RESORT (Panglao, Bohol, Philippines) Still about 25% short of full recovery, night of September 26, 2014, was about to opt not to proceed with the trip to Bohol the following day. With pre-set mind and innate stubborn-ness I prevailed. I had […]

(Family Sports) Beauty, brains & fitness.

My daughter, Cha, from petite lady to tri-athlete to brains behind media successes of “brands” under her management,  of which one is “SAFEGUARD”.        

(Travel-Sports) On prep for following day’s Safeguard Active 5i50 Triathlon at this Casita by the Beach. WOW! Check it out.

October 05, 2013, on concrete stilts, this spectacular Casita at Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa (Subic Naval Station, Philippines) relaxes my being while busy preparing gears needed to snap great shots of followings day’s Safeguard Active 5i50 Triathlon. My son (Janssen) & his wife (Ging), daughter (Cha) & a grand daughter (Andee) are participating in […]

Sports & photography this time. WOW!

I love this shot snapped at the beachfront of Shangrila-Mactan Cebu, Phils. during 2012’s IronMan 70.3 Side of the sea where athletes started off for the swim leg-back then head for transition area enroute to bike leg.

And talking of tranquility…hmmm peace & quiet. Highly recommended.

All of these plus more serene spots at Shangrila-Mactan, Cebu, Philippines I really love this place: superb tasteful food (unlike most here in MM plus many resorts where all they serve is “plating”, meaning ALL plates then taste is NOTHING=”plating”), well-trained all day long courteous staff and  lots of great relaxation sites.