Toastered “Tanigue” (Spanish Mackerel)


TOASTERED “TANIGUE” (Spanish Mackerel)
“Tanigue” (Spanish Mackerel or King Fish (in USA)
is sold in our country on per slice basis.
Get the number of slices suiting your need.
This makes it suitable for variety of preps:
grilled, fried, baked, hot plate griddled or roasted.
Again, calling to action my ever dependable…oven toaster,
this dish, along with my red still & greens on the side,
did I enjoy while watching our fave TV show.
Prep time:                    10 mins.
Cook time:                    40 mins.
Total time:                     50 mins.
Makes/Serves:        1 or 2
Cooking medium:  oven toaster, oil brush
Special instruction(s):

a slice of medium fully rinsed “Tanigue”
5 grams fine salt
3 grams ground black pepper
100 grams BBQ sauce (I used and like Stubb’s Original)
NOTE: There are thousands of brands. Get & use what you prefer.
1.    Season your “Tanigue” on both sides with salt and pepper. Set aside for 30 minutes.
2.    Pre-heat oven toaster to 175deg. Celsius (347deg. F)
3.    Using oil brush, generously apply to all sides of fish your BBQ sauce.
4.    Lay fish in suitable pan and pop into toaster.
5.    Toaster your fish for 20 minutes each side.
6.    Adorn in plate, side with your preferred greens, no need for dip, enjoy and have a good “bonding” with your loved one.

DISCLAIMER: Above are test kitchen and household-produced dishes. All ingredients utilized are of food grade quality passing international and domestic sanitary standards. While we find the results highly acceptable, no guarantee nor explicit assurance is hereby issued when recipe is performed by readers. For one, although of similar breed, spices, herbs and other ingredients vary from country to country/region to region that possibility of affecting end taste, aroma & bite-feel is great. Further thereto, mentioned sensory evaluation (aroma, taste, mouth-feel) is subjective.

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