Soon…an austere new “burger” chomp-up is to be a catchword.

Burgasm Slutty Burger

One of the 2 requests ( an infant burger joint at Kamias and a native resto at Novaliches both in QC)
to drop by and savour their magnum opus 
then issue comments, positive & constructively negative, for the better.
As always, wouldn’t agree to free tasting as I do not wish to be beholden
thereby spelling out ONLY positive sides.
Further, would like to gear-in at an “unexpected” day & hour to catch them off-guard
that authentic site movements are evident thus remarks will be truthful.
Above is from BURGASM.
135-A Kamias Street, Quezon City, Philippines.
New, un-assuming, austere place.
Home made patties are  “electric grilled/griddled”
 where serrated pan is used to simulate grill marks. 
No basting at all.
When I got in, approached the counter and asked for their best seller,
Marc, cashier/prep & grill guy, was astounded of the way I ordered their SLUTTY JOE (2 patties):
buns separate, patties left un-topped of whatever their toppings/garnishings are, no sauce, no spreads…
just plain patties-ALL others are on the side, and a knife + fork.
This is the way we can really taste and deconstruct “the burger”.
How will you know the truthfulness of the patty if the toppings
(ham , bacon, lettuce, cheese(s), ek-ek, etc) are towering. 
This takes the attention of eater AWAY from the patty.
Given such, may I ask, what are you hiding in your patty?
Are they truly as you claim?
My head-mate (both bald nyahahaha) and shooting buddy, Shihan,
got an Orgy Cheese, a 3-cheese presentation.

STEAMY CARBONARA is A-OK. Priced at ONLY Php60.00 per serving, this is a great buy. Creamy. Simple prep. For me, will drizzle a bit (very very little) of salt.

SLUTTY JOE ( a bit high priced at Php190.00)
PATTIES lack the “ango” of beef. Whether it is local or imported, when grilled it gives out this ango” aroma and taste…more so if beef comes from USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. I do believe local or NONE at all was used. This is OK though but infusing a lot of extenders like flour, TVPs, chicken MDM and ground pork could have been abundantly utilized that end taste is mashed-up. Not starch. For if it was used-then patty won’t break when grilled/griddled. On breaking up-binders could have solve it. Can’t seem to bite on onion and celery that are endemic to burgers. Boost up a bit on salt and pepper that it may be good to go. Patties are hand formed that thin edges go up to thick middle part-then rounded. This maybe a pleasant sales appeal (being hand formed) but let’s flatten them a bit (this ensures even cooking). Very cheap patty formers are available at cook-stores in major malls. Lastly, but very vital, NO BASTING was utilized. Basting solutions, more so if oil is incorporated, aside from rendering good taste, protect patties from initial burst of heat & flame. Evident are the burnt outskirts. Suggesting for “char-grilled” item.Better aroma. Greater tasting. Will expound more on this Kendrick when  we meet.

SIDES…for me they’re all JUST sides, incidental to burger. Should you offer good tasting patty-no need for mountainous ek-ek.




Above comments are meant to improve, in my honest opinion, the flight of BURGASM
in this world of technological food business endeavours.
No harm is intended unto this young, new, budding MAGNATE.
All  done in the spirit of:
BURGASM’s FB page:

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