Pan Fried Shrimps & Salmon Bites in Spiced-Herbed Butter_1024

(Beer Marinated Shrimps-Salmon Bites EVOO-Butter Fried Sprinkled with Spices & Herbs Seasoning Mix)

 Done in Singapore, my first recipe prep after months of getting
from different hospitals trying to treat and heal“Pangs” (my wife Marilyn) of her stage 3 cancer.
Taking care of her took my time away from almost all of my endeavours.
Zero regrets. Was able to show her my “best service, concern and love”
until her passing.
42 years of “togetherness”.
“Literal togetherness” as we were always
ONE in developing food products we serve our clientele.
ONE in creating, innovating and modifying per served recipes that our loyal customers require us to come up with.
ONE in roaming around domestic and foreign sites.
ONE even in our early morning brisk walking exercises
…a lot of times “holding hands” at that.
And so teary eyed, please allow me to present
my initial “going back to whatever is left of this real life”

Prep time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Total time: 1 hour
Serves: 4
Cooking media: frying pan, tongs and lots of butter
Game plan: This is quick and very flavorful.

1bottle of your fave beer. Pilsner or lager or ale. Don’t use the flavored one.
1 kilo shrimps: de-shelled, de-veined, head and tail cut off
½ kilo pink salmon sliced bite size
5 grams ground nutmeg
5 grams ground coriander
3 grams ground paprika
3 grams ground thyme
4 grams ground black pepper
5 grams cane sugar
8 grams sea salt
1/4 bar butter
100 ml extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)


  1. In suitable pan, pour in beer, add in a pinch each of your weighted salt & pepper. Whisk well. Marinate your shrimps and salmon while prepping other ingredients. About 15 minutes.
  2. In bowl whisk and blend well nutmeg, coriander, paprika, thyme, pepper, sugar, salt and your OPTIONAL MSG. Set aside.
  3. Over medium heat, melt half of butter and half of your EVOO.
  4. Tossing, turning and rolling constantly (to prevent over browning) fry, in batches, shrimps to desired done-ness. Add in more butter or oil if need be.
  5. When done, while still hot, arrange in a serving plate and sprinkle abundantly with your blended spice-herb seasoning.
  6. Melt in other half of butter and pour the remaining EVOO.
  7. Very carefully (as this type of fish when fully thawed breaks apart easily) slide in enough pieces of salmon. Fry LIGHTLY. Carefully toss to other side and continue for about 30 seconds. Take out. Finish off with this procedure.
  8. Lay beside shrimps and sprinkle with spice-herb seasoning. Plate should you wish.
  9. Complementing with beer or wine, enjoy with salad of your choice.


DISCLAIMER: Above are test kitchen and household-produced dishes. All ingredients utilized are of food grade quality passing international and domestic sanitary standards. While we find the results highly acceptable, no guarantee nor explicit assurance is hereby issued when recipe is performed by readers. For one, although of similar breed, spices, herbs and other ingredients vary from country to country/region to region that possibility of affecting end taste, aroma & bite-feel is great. Further thereto, mentioned sensory evaluation (aroma, taste, mouth-feel) is subjective.


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