My #1 High-End Cantonese “tara-lets”

I did say “high end”.

True enough, but and although, the best Cantonese per-serve I’ve tasted.

Perfect presentation flair. Simplest ingredients’ mix.

Prep technology resulted to well rounded taste of the 3 offerings we ordered.

“tara-lets” is a Filipino coined word meaning...let’s go.

Honey-Wasabi Prawn Balls

Sweetened “wasabi” breaded shrimp balls. GREAT. PERFECT.

This made me consume 2 bottles of beer.

Onion & Pepper Stir Fried Wagyu

Salt, bell and black peppers stir fried “Wagyu” beef in oyster sauce.

The intensely “marbled” beef cut

and its combination of lean and fats delivered the distinctive rich and tender flavor compared to other beef.

In every bite it elicits that “beefy” characteristic I long for beef.

Could have been “Kobe” or plain “Wagyu”

(all “Kobe” beef are “Wagyu” but NOT all “Wagyu” are “Kobe”)

Steamed Grouper

Steamed grouper…simple prep, great result.

Go ahead. Once in while you guys have to treat wifey here. Never mind the price.

AAA ambiance. Superb service.



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