Our Innovations, Creations and Accolades

Thank you Food Pacific Manufacturing Journal for the feature…then a simple breakfast thanksgiving with Pangs.

Early January of current year, got an e-mail from Cristina Douthwaite of Food Pacific Manufacturing Journal re an interview to share on JOAX Ingredients’, my family’s food manufacturing firm, methodologies for its  frozen-processed-meat products. No “hullabaloo”, I instantaneously agreed. We were never, yet, interviewed nor featured nor video-shot by a foreign mag or station. This […]

(Family Sports) I miss my #1 passion.

One year and 1 month today I have not competed in my #1 passion: IPSC shooting. The agencies tasked to issue licenses, transport & carry permits, for reasons beneficial to I don’t know who else, aside from the government coffers, made it ultra difficult to secure any of the above. And this is to the […]