Few Things About Recipes

Few things about recipes

HEAVENLY CRISPY. NO DOUBLE FRYING…Ultra crispy outside heavenly tender and juicy inside.     Indulge in the “marinade mix” that catapulted  this ChiQ-Juan to its ultra crunchy creation. No mega dusting of flour or starch. Just the right amount incorporated into its breading blend applied post marination. The blend of ingredients in its breading made possible […]

Wide acceptance of delectable “masterfully concocted” food is NOT plain “Bara Bara” invention.

  SUMPTUOUS FOOD IS NOT PLAIN INVENTION. (Click here or above title to proceed to my Few Things About Recipes, Ingredients & Procedures page) It is the “accurate & proper harmony of ingredients and flavors used in precise technological production sequence to come up with desired taste-not of the maker but that of the patrons”. […]