(Food Sites) Reviews, Recommendation & Condemnation:

Taal Vista Lodge, Tagaytay City, Philippines

Savor the best in center table offerings amidst shivery atmosphere, crisp refreshing inhales of oxygen, atop views of world acclaimed Taal lake, greeneries and hmmmmm re-invigorating breeze. Join me as we delve into their “bragging rights”. One sunday, was in my usual “alone again naturally” state, my legs and driving acumen led me to, once […]

Soon…an austere new “burger” chomp-up is to be a catchword.

One of the 2 requests ( an infant burger joint at Kamias and a native resto at Novaliches both in QC) to drop by and savour their magnum opus  then issue comments, positive & constructively negative, for the better. As always, wouldn’t agree to free tasting as I do not wish to be beholden thereby spelling out ONLY positive sides. […]


BUTTER FRIED PARBOILED “LIEMPO” (Parboiled Pork Belly Butter Fried-Sprinkled with Texan Meat Rub) Pork belly is one of the most modifiable parts of pig meat. Be it roasted, grilled, fried, BBQed, be processed into bacon strips, “sinigang” (tamarind soup base with veggies), “nilaga” (plain boiled and dumped with vegetables different from “sinigang”) and countless more […]

AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo”

AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo” In this aged life of mine, I’ve tasted different types of Bulalo (boiled beef shank). From the very bountiful addition of cabbage, pechay, Baguio beans and corn to mega affluent pouring of beef flavored cubes or powder. Overall taste is apparently doused with combination of the above enticing clients that […]

Dancing Crab (Singapore)

Our last day of visit that my daughter, Cha, spouse Anton, plus a friend…Jigger of the famous Casa Marcos treated us to an array of fresh sea food down at The Grandstand, Singapore…DANCING CRAB. Big table is well covered with pristine white paper (type of “greaseproof” or “sulphite” paper used to line burger patties to […]


WHY? “Bruhaha” about food preservatives and flavor enhancers (MSG, KNO2, additives, etc.) is always a trending hashtag in my country. Many turn their backs and shun intake of food due to presence of some food chems which they “just heard” from others as “bad”. Familiar with “herd-ism”? That state of mind: that when some say so…oh […]

My #1 High-End Cantonese “tara-lets”

I did say “high end”. True enough, but and although, the best Cantonese per-serve I’ve tasted. Perfect presentation flair. Simplest ingredients’ mix. Prep technology resulted to well rounded taste of the 3 offerings we ordered. “tara-lets” is a Filipino coined word meaning…let’s go. Sweetened “wasabi” breaded shrimp balls. GREAT. PERFECT. This made me consume 2 […]


  Dont’ ever waster your money here. So pricey and culinaristic sounding but… but…OMG! Trying to imitate the THEN Tropical Hut (not now ha?-coz now is worst). Patty was bombarded with loaf bread soaked in full cream milk thus resulting in a creation so milky (not creamy) crumbling each time bitten-lacking the bit flesh-toughness of […]

CONDEMNATION: OMG! YUKy “Bara-Bara” (wantonly & blindfoldedly adding anything to food) Resto

Tagging wifey to accompany our daughter for her annual check-up in one of the biggest, most modern, classy and really elitist hospitals, had lunch break in one of restos in the complex. Holy…my daughter’s “Tapa” was dredged in flour to make them crispy…and categorically bland. This is the height of “no-brainer” approach to make meat […]


This one is actively inviting franchisees. Try their “main bragging right” BURGER PATTIES-full of EXTENDERS TO THE BRIM. Tastes like Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) topped with sauce-concoction that my grandkids literally spit out what’s in their mouth. And GOD, expensive. They are trying to penetrate the market of “beefiest BURGER” but FAR from it. Not […]

CONDEMNATION: Another Burger House

  It really pains me that many of “us” “happy eaters”, while paying the right higher amount, are served with food where raw materials are the ones used by LOW COST equivalent. A good example is: for almost 95% similarity, the raw mats used in the production of “those P20.00 1+1 roadside burgerans” are also […]


Contrary to NINYO’s there is this PWEH again at plush BGC. Imagine charging you, I think, P340+ or thereabouts for an appetizer, my favorite..” old style tokwa’t baboy” (fried tofu & pork in soy-vinegar dip) that were meticulously dumped (WHAT?) in small crystal glasses where tokwa (tofu) was fried in rancid oil, the baboy (pork) […]


OH MY GOD! Good location-a serene neighborhood. Refurbished flat. Austere interior and furnitures. Creating a name, quite successful as packed to the brim when my family tried its concoctions. FOOD? HELL!!! Another one of those “I was there” places; “to be seen resto”; “oh, yah! been there”…in short…WAS THERE MARKET (“maski ano ka pa, kahit […]

“Law of Supply & Demand”…its real meaning.

Mucho. Not so. The Law of Supply & Demand…the “real” meaning. (by: J. Dante S. Morados) GREED that is. Someone, somewhere along the path of sale, got GREEDY. Allow me to sift this matter. And pardon my redundancy in the utilization of some words as I just wish to be very simply-clear expounding the topic. […]

(Bad) Glamourized “begging” and an insult to your capability.

Early Sunday morning 5:00am mass. Nobody was around except for few parishioners. Vehicles parked at both sides of wide street…really wide that you can play soccer in the middle. After the mass street was already swarmed by people, young, old, PWDs, apparently strong ones etc. “Pupungas-pungas pa. Yung iba may MUTA pa sa mata” As […]

Engine-Oil-Driver liken to Couple-Communication-Prayer

I have read a Twitter post that likens “oil” of an engine to “prayer” in a marriage. I completely dis-agree. “Oil” is an active need for the engine to run. “Prayer” is passive approach to a marriage…always seeking…always requesting…always asking…always petitioning. Due to “prayers” the concrete points of both spouses are more often delegated to […]

Few things about recipes

HEAVENLY CRISPY. NO DOUBLE FRYING…Ultra crispy outside heavenly tender and juicy inside.     Indulge in the “marinade mix” that catapulted  this ChiQ-Juan to its ultra crunchy creation. No mega dusting of flour or starch. Just the right amount incorporated into its breading blend applied post marination. The blend of ingredients in its breading made possible […]

Marché Restaurant

Marché Restaurant Vivo City, Singapore Marché  chain of worldwide restaurants is a firm under the Movenpick umbrella. “Mövenpick is a Swiss group of companies with global presence. Its core competency lies in the hospitality business, with a focus on gastronomy, hotels, wine and premium branded products. Mövenpick is structured as a holding company, with four independently operating business […]

Singapore = leadership, discipline, system, cleanliness = progress.

Millions had been written about my fave haven…Singapore. For the nth time since 2004 my whole family keeps coming back 2-3 times a year. I like the governance. The late Lee Kuan Yew is my idol for leadership, determination to propel the country to heights, sincerity, integrity, discipline,  system and care for citizens and PRs (Permanent […]

Surprising Health Benefits and Usages of ONION.

SURPRISING HEALTH BENEFITS & USES OF ONION I chanced upon “a rotting onion bulb” in our ref’s veggie cooler. Examining closely, saw a tiny greenish chive still intact at bulb’s head. Believing it’s still alive and can be resurrected, got a clear drinking glass, poured in little tap water, peeled off browned skin and set […]

Majestic FUNDACION PACITA Plus Heart Stopping and Kicky BATANES On Spot. (Part 2)

  Sunday (December 14, 2014), post wedding my family’s Day 3 at picturesque Batanes. Still, King Sun was shy to come out. Wind, drizzles, fog and cold breeze became “sticky” to the entirety of our Southern Island tour. Can’t decide otherwise. Make do of the weather. Pull out your reading and/or magnifying glasses. Behold few […]

Majestic FUNDACION PACITA Plus Heart Stopping and Kicky BATANES On Spot. (Part 1)

MAJESTIC FUNDACION PACITA PLUS HEART STOPPING & KICKY BATANES ON SPOT 12-13-14 …chronological, easy to remember and far from being trivialized by either spouse-intention of which is to deter misunderstanding (for NOT remembering). It actually is December 13, 2014, the ultra memorable date chosen by Anton & Cha, my daughter, for them to exclaim “I […]

My new “Buddy”…in car amidst traffic, while watching movies and every sudden rumbling of tummy.

A bit break from recipe issues while I prep for the next poultry serving that will be posted following this. Next EAT.LEARN.DISCOVER “chicken” recipe issuance will surely entice you to go into fried chicken biz and compete with stalwarts like: Bon Chon, KFC, Jollibee’s Chicken Joy or Shakey’s Chicken Packs (Solo, Buddy). Pardon for not […]

If You Were Josh…Which Road Will You Traverse?

Scenario: you are college freshman and your “close-minded”- dogmatic and argumentative Philosophy Professor commenced his class by requiring each and every student to “disavow”, in writing, the existence of GOD. So doing, you go on with your class. Doing NOT…you fail…outright. In this dilemma…what will your decision be? Check out what JOSH did? Fortunate, lucky […]

Blog Comments Analyzed by a Psychologist.

BLOG COMMENTS ANALYZED Noticing proliferation of blog comments that are profane, ridiculous and degrading, I conferred with a psychologist-friend to seek her take on why these types of readers are seemingly happy doing so. The usual target of “mockery” is the subject dealt with and NOT the author. For if the writer is put to […]

New food equipment find. Goodbye gas, electric and open pit cooking.

My son’s best friend, Dexter, wishes to surprise his wife, Chef Len, a remarkably functional kitchen aid which, at the same time, could initially be utilized for their biz. Scouting around, the couple found a prospect and so I and wifey, Marilyn, tagged along. Primary trials to note eye-appeal, taste and aroma were set in […]

I found our family’s new re-charging hideaway. 

Ecstatically scenic. Romantically serene. Distinctively outpouring with staff courteousness complementing top-notch amenities… THE BELLEVUE RESORT (Panglao, Bohol, Philippines) Still about 25% short of full recovery, night of September 26, 2014, was about to opt not to proceed with the trip to Bohol the following day. With pre-set mind and innate stubborn-ness I prevailed. I had […]

The truth about “extenders” in the food we eat (2nd of 2 series). TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) What are these?

TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) Mix 1part TVP:3 parts water. GROUND MEAT (Pork or Beef) Combine with Hydrated TVP. Blend well unto food mixer. Will you still notice the TVP in your Sausages (hotdogs, franks, longanizas etc.), Embutidos, Burgers, The Seemingly Beef in Your Noodles, Spaghetti Meatballs etc.? TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) (or sometimes called Textured […]

The truth about “Extenders” in the food you eat. First of 2 series: Chicken MDM

   Click on the pics to bring you to   BOYD International Food Traders They market all types of meat-poultry carcasses and portion cuts worldwide. What are Chicken MDM’s? (Mechanically Deboned Meat) These are chicken meat engaged in sieve forced-through by high pressure to separate bones from flesh. This material is widely used worldwide for […]

(Very bad) Busina (horn)… busina ng busina. Why?

@Traffic Lights: (many, in fact even majority of radio & tv anchors/hosts call them “STOP LIGHT”. OMG NO. Traffic light it is.) * Many Pinoy motorists blow horns the EXACT moment traffic light turns “green”. More so if they’re on the 2nd to _nth vehicle behind. WHY? To alert the one in front? Can’t you […]

(Really bad) The Rising Unemployment…my views. Why?

Before, circa 70’s & 80’s, when we, the working group, were called for job interviews, all preps were in order. What we shall wear defines our being. Clean, neat and dressed like “pamburol” as teasingly termed. After days ahead of due diligence scouting where the office is for said sked, we come 15-30 minutes before […]

You dislike MSG (Monosodium Glutamate-Vetsin). Do you know that the other types of food you eat contain the same ingredient as MSG? The truth behind this dreaded enhancer. Read on.

You dislike MSG (Monosodium Glutamate or Vetsin). Fine…but do you know that the other types of food you eat contain the same ingredient as MSG? THE TRUTH BEHIND YOUR DREADED MSG. Have seen, witnessed, heard many saying… “I don’t like MSG & I don’t eat food with MSG”. I can say…tell that to the marines.Look […]

You like BEEF. But what kind of beef do you eat? Would you know?

You love beef. But do you know the type of beef you’re eating? OR, what you’re eating is NOT BEEF at all. You’ll be surprised. I. What kind of beef? Fastfood chains, restos, processed meat manufacturers, they ALL claim: “100% pure beef”. And presto! You go for it. Not knowing what type of beef you’re […]

(Resto Review) My expectation failed me…tremendously. Never to shell out a cent…again. 

A little break from issuing out recipes, please allow me to express my feelings re this “vaunted” Wagyu serving resto. With Pangs, fetched my daughter, Cha, last Sunday where she and her Mom heard mass while I engaged in my usual  weekend exercise. Breakfast at her unit or out usually follows our activity. That bright […]

YABU the royalty of “katsu”.

Staff handed and explained the white & black sesame seeds that we had to pulverize using the provided small ceramic mortar & wood pestle then pour in “that sauce” in my plate which I had to taste first separately-to know what it’s a mix of. Sniffed, tasted oohh it’s made of blah, blah, blah. The […]

After 14+ years I returned…sniffed, critically tasted every bit, subconsciously compared to others…and WHOA started to like Fridays.

More than 14 years back when I used to frequent Fridays at Glorietta 4 (in Makati City, Philippines) most nights a week as such was our meeting point with my daughter, Cha, then working with a multinational firm across the street. 2-3 bottles of my fave SMB Pale plus finger food (buffalo wings mostly) until […]

Resto review: the newest most publicized dimsum & seafood house is NOTHING. My #1 is still Gloria Maris (Unimart-Greenhills Branch)…as of yet.

Ash wednesday, served as non-salaried driver to Pangs & daughter Cha for her upcoming wedding’s  “kutsi-kutsi” (small-tiny-little motif things) shopping at Divisoria (bargain hunters’ paradise in mid-Manila City), thus, opportunity to test the most touted “newest” dimsum & seafood house in one of the complexes. My usual routine of: let them roam around while I […]

BORACAY (2nd of 2 posts)…modus of some hotels & the “irk-ies”.

Whether you’re on a morning’s much needed fresh air intake to replace the carbon-mono laden oxygen in our lungs (vehicles’ emitted and/or secondary cigarettes’ smoke) …or on an afternoon serene rest by the beach front “killing time” (what a “Pinoy” way of expressing ” to pass the time”) or honing your photography skills (Oh my. […]

BORACAY, on tourism service analyzer’s & food critic’s perspectives. First of two.

After a long straight year of hussles, heartaches and grinding, time for our (“Pang’s” & mine) long awaited re-charging vacation in a bit serene no-horn blowing vehicles-by the sea haven. Peace & quiet…even just during an early morning white sand stroll. Never mind the night rumblings, I can go with it at times. As early […]

Thank you Food Pacific Manufacturing Journal for the feature…then a simple breakfast thanksgiving with Pangs.

Early January of current year, got an e-mail from Cristina Douthwaite of Food Pacific Manufacturing Journal re an interview to share on JOAX Ingredients’, my family’s food manufacturing firm, methodologies for its  frozen-processed-meat products. No “hullabaloo”, I instantaneously agreed. We were never, yet, interviewed nor featured nor video-shot by a foreign mag or station. This […]

(Family Time) Hmmm…little action, sun’s warmth, cool-fresh air & revitalizing view.

I chanced upon this file of shots with family. In particular, those taken March 15, 2009 from a public viewing deck at Tagaytay City. (south of Manila, province of Cavite, Region IV, Luzon, Philippines) One of the most popular & widely visited tourist destinations for its cool breeze (2,080 ft. above sea level), colorful flowers, […]

In search for a Valentine’s Day venue to date Pangs.

Even if I and “Pangs” (slang of Panga-Palanga, a Visayan term meaning “dear”, “my love” or a “loved one”) always make it a point to take dinner out, being just 2 at home, in lieu of dwelling-cooked sharing, last night-we decided to scout for a place where to spend the day of hearts. One time, […]

A convergence with revolting flavors fighting for time. 

Got up a bit late today. Had to hurry for early morning meeting with clients. Marilyn prepared a “united nations” of breakfast for me prior to take off. Processed from Canadian pork belly fried bacon strips got burned along sides. Dried baby squid were oven toastered for few seconds to enjoy super crunchy appeal…overdone. Sunny […]

BAGWANG captured the hearts & appetite of 650+ participants @ NESTLE’s National Sales Kick Off 2014 (Blue Leaf Filipinas). Proud to have served you Nestle.

While 5 full-force staff are ultra busy deep frying Bagwang at the back kitchen, front-liners in that little corner at top-right are getting ready for the 6:00pm (Jan. 08/14) influx of hungry participants. …and a brief snap for posterity…cleared our minds…focused…wide smile all the way through ready, really ready for these:     part of […]

(Food Photography) An array of “bokeh” in this Christmas lunch with Pangs & Cha @ Akira.

Real fancy way of offerings at this Teppanyaki resto. Though not much flavour output as “Tep” recipes are just plain salted, peppered and buttered, Pangs, Cha & I enjoyed the main issue of offer: “freshness” in a “fancy”, just “fancy” way. …and that completes our Christmas lunch.      

Vanilla Cupcakes @ BGC got me hooked up to its courteous staff & “ultra lively site”.

I’m no fan of this cup cakes’ craze. Am no sweet eater. My carnivorous instinct always gets in the way. After a few rounds of bike for my usual Sunday morning exercise at BGC (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines), my daughter tacked me and her Mom to this newly opened…oh no…sweets haven. Didn’t like. […]

Cold ones post hectic tiring day. Highly recommended “Inasal”. Not your usual…it’s the BEST.

“INASAL” means grilled or to grill in whatever medium: charcoal, gas fired, wood fired etc. Usually marinated in different blend-concoctions originated and/or modified based on country’s regions. The most popular are: the “Inasal” type from Negros, the “Sugba” type of Cebu, & the “Inihaw” of Luzon regions. This “Inasal” created a big scene in the […]


Was with my wonderful family after Joax’ triathlon, …and as always, after each finish by any family member, a little celebration meal is in order. Proceeded to a Chinese resto nearby. And this caught my immediate attention: WHAT? And check this out: 9 Unfortunate Truths About Our Favorite BACON as taken from Huffpost-Taste

Wide acceptance of delectable “masterfully concocted” food is NOT plain “Bara Bara” invention.

  SUMPTUOUS FOOD IS NOT PLAIN INVENTION. (Click here or above title to proceed to my Few Things About Recipes, Ingredients & Procedures page) It is the “accurate & proper harmony of ingredients and flavors used in precise technological production sequence to come up with desired taste-not of the maker but that of the patrons”. […]

HongKong Master Cook @ Macapagal Avenue, Pasay City

Marilyn’s & my favorite: The long All Saints’ Day vacation is a bore should wifey and I will just stay home. Kids and grandkids were out on their own. Was ready for a long road trip with food tests of different eateries & restos on the side. So, took off headed north of Manila. For […]

My favorite Chinese resto fumbled.

Whenever Marilyn (my spouse) and I have the urge to unwind post hectic grind at the office, we ONLY have 4 choices of eatery to choose from. One of them is my very own fave, Gloria Maris at Greenhills. While cross-overs are welcome, the site is gigantic divided into different dining sections (dimsum & dumpling, […]

And talking of tranquility…hmmm peace & quiet. Highly recommended.

All of these plus more serene spots at Shangrila-Mactan, Cebu, Philippines I really love this place: superb tasteful food (unlike most here in MM plus many resorts where all they serve is “plating”, meaning ALL plates then taste is NOTHING=”plating”), well-trained all day long courteous staff and  lots of great relaxation sites.

The natural color & texture of pure cattle corned beef. No extender. No colorants. No MDM. Not cara-beef.

MDM = Mechanically Deboned Meat of chicken. Cara-beef = meat of carabao or India’s  water buffalo.  

Highly recommended resto, but where art thou? For the condemnation…don’t care if you cease ops.

Recommendation & Condemnation: (RECOMMENDATION)For “Pinoys” out there in the Metro: give “PONCIANA’s” a try. A Filipino line up where they serve good tasting-just like “luto ni lola” array of recipes. In fact this is the ONLY resto I feel satisfied with after every visit. Me and wifey always order the” inihaw na tiyan ng bangus” […]

U$D4.00 badly spent

Seems I finished it. NOPE. “YUK Longaniza” originally were 3 pieces, “Daeng na Sapsap” 2 pieces,  a teaspoon consumed of this onion & tomatoes stuffed “karambola egg” and rice was about 3 tablespoons. I consumed the rice which I doused abundantly with spiced vinegar. Just pinched a bit the “Sapsap” but that’s all-nothing more. With […]

Check out this yuk bread loaf. Super-duper-mega-ultra bland. Never again.

Trying to imitate, far from duplicating, the famous and best known raisin bread of Baguio Country Club, this TH bread house, via brilliant marketing no-brainer,  did a nice job of selling a very bland-ACTUALLY NO TASTE AT ALL- loaves. Part of a big food group, loaves are offered at a bargain (and so that’s the […]