Pampano Toastered3

(Silver Pomfret Rubbed with Tamarind Soup Powder Mix-Toastered)
My favorite always-on-call comfort fish that has firmer flesh than most available.
though not like toughness of “tuna”.
Great appetizer to fuse with your cold bottles or sips of wine.
This time prepped it to pair with steamed shrimps that my fam
enjoyed over lunch after Sunday preaching of my son.
No decorative flare.
Plainly, for pure tasteful consumption via mouth not through eyes.

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 45 minutes
Total time: 1 hour
Serves: 4
Cooking media: oven toaster, foil, suitable flat pan
Game plan: Be ready for a very healthy treat. Simply done. Ultra juicy and mystically tasteful.

1 large Pampano (Silver Pomfret), cleaned, slitted on both sides and belly
1 pack Knorr (sorry, I prefer this brand as it is REALLY great and true tasting)
Sinigang Sa Sampalok Powder Mix (tamarind soup base powder mix)
1 medium sliced white onion
1 sliced tomato
2 “sili pansigang” (green banana or chili finger pepper)
2 pieces crushed “sampalok fruit”
enough double-layered foil for wrapping

1. Pour and rub “Sinigang Mix” to fish’ slitted sides, opened gills and belly.
2. Into open belly-side, insert 1 piece of “sili pansigang”, few slices of onion,
tomato and a piece of “sampalok”
3. At center of double layered foil, lay fish, wrap well securing all sides so
flavor juices will not leak out during toastering. Put in a suitable flat pan.
4. Set toaster to rotisserie where top heating rod(s) will function and pre-heat to
200deg. C (about 392deg. F). When heating rods turn reddish, wedge in fish.
5. Cook for 30 minutes for medium OR 45 minutes for well done.
6. Be extra careful as foil is steaming hot. Behold your creation. Enjoy with loved ones.

DISCLAIMER: Above are test kitchen and household-produced dishes. All ingredients utilized are of food grade quality passing international and domestic sanitary standards. While we find the results highly acceptable, no guarantee nor explicit assurance is hereby issued when recipe is performed by readers. For one, although of similar breed, spices, herbs and other ingredients vary from country to country/region to region that possibility of affecting end taste, aroma & bite-feel is great. Further thereto, mentioned sensory evaluation (aroma, taste, mouth-feel) is subjective.

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