Engine-Oil-Driver liken to Couple-Communication-Prayer

I have read a Twitter post that likens “oil” of an engine to “prayer” in a marriage.
I completely dis-agree.
“Oil” is an active need for the engine to run.
“Prayer” is passive approach to a marriage…always seeking…always requesting…always asking…always petitioning.
Due to “prayers” the concrete points of both spouses are more often delegated to “pasensiya”
(blindfolfed-outright undertanding) that they root out again & again in future “discussions” of same spouses.
Why not liken “oil” to “constant communication” in marriage…
then liken “Prayer” in marriage to the “Driver” of oil & engine.
Isn’t it more fitting?
A couple (engine) needs constant communication (oil)
with “prayer” (driver) leading the way through.
Let’s dive into side-by-side analogy.
In video above (thank you YouTube), “couple” can be represented by the “engine” with “pistons”
the 4 round things going up & down (2 on both sides will be the man & 2 inside will be the wife).
They keep on moving that they need “oil” (“communication”) to perform smoothly.
Notice that NEVER do the 4 ALL GO UP at the same time.
When  the 2 on both sides are UP-the 2 in the middle are DOWN…then vice versa.
Meaning…while “oil” or “communication” lubricates the “couple” (“engine”),
this “oil”/”communication” dictates that when the man (the 2 pistons on sides) are UP (in anger or argument),
the wife (the 2 pistons in the middle) MUST BE DOWN…and, again, vice versa.
The process cools the otherwise heated discussion(s)…this is understanding, forgiveness…acceptance.
Now, when the “engine” is fully “oiled”, it makes the “whole vehicle” (“the life of the couple”)
to run very smoothly.
The only thing absent is…the DRIVER…which I liken to PRAYER for the “vehicle”
to be MANEUVERED: forward, backward, left or right.
Your religion, sect or belief will be the DRIVER to STEER “engine’s”/”couple’s”
life to fulfillment.
What now if the couple does not believe in any religion, sect or belief?
At least, for sure, they have “faith” in a HE, SHE or IT,
the “faith” that leads them to seek said HE, SHE or IT
each time they feel the need to.
And such will be their DRIVER or PRAYER.
For if they, all, subscribe to this analogy…


Happy will you be.
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