CONDEMNATION: OMG! YUKy “Bara-Bara” (wantonly & blindfoldedly adding anything to food) Resto


Tagging wifey to accompany our daughter for her annual check-up in one of the biggest, most modern, classy and really elitist hospitals, had lunch break in one of restos in the complex.

Holy…my daughter’s “Tapa” was dredged in flour to make them crispy…and categorically bland. This is the height of “no-brainer” approach to make meat appear crispy.
Nonsense recipe in this case.
My wife’s “Sinigang” showed off the old stock plain boiled-fish belly that left us scratching our tongues-bellies being “MAKATI” (itchy to tongue when bitten). Topping it all, soup was also 100% bland, acidity anemic but, mind you, dumped with bowl-full of veggies.
As usual. Another try to be “culinarist”.
Good recipe “innovators” or creators use their heads for flavor roundness…not plain experiments or “bara-bara” approaches resulting to misfires.

Clue: Again in posh BGC housed in the biggest hospital in the area.
Learned that owner chef is so popular.
Not an excuse to serve that kind of food.



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