CONDEMNATION: Another Burger House


It really pains me that many of “us” “happy eaters”, while paying the right higher amount, are served with food where raw materials are the ones used by LOW COST equivalent.
A good example is: for almost 95% similarity, the raw mats used in the production of “those P20.00 1+1 roadside burgerans” are also used in the processing of
“one of the most publicized, adored and really fast-sprouting burger houses”.
The 2 main garnishings absent in the low cost one are: fried bacon and lettuce. And patronizers of this joint taste ONLY these 2 items and claim…very good,
tasty, yummy…WHAT? What is yummy? The bacon, lettuce & the garnishings or the patty itself?

Questions: Why adorn patties with mountainous “ek-ek”? Can’t they be delegated to as “sides”? Are you covering up something in the patty?
“Extenders” galore sum up the ingredients in the high cost patty. From hydrated TVP to chicken MDM (Mechanically Deboned Meat of chicken) to tapioca starch. WHEW! this is up-front robbery.
What to do: when you’re served with burger that you’ve paid a wealth to enjoy…separate the patty from the bun and all the garnishings and the dressings. Bite…just bite into the patty and examine the aroma + flavor well. Does it have that “ango”? (the distinct smell of beef flesh) Have you bitten some “tough flesh” of beef?
If you get a plain smelling patty (no “ango”) and the texture is very well ground-no bits or chunks-and a bit bouncy (“ibalibag nyo sa lamesa”-slap it unto table top)…pag matalbog (should it be bouncy)…WOW, you might be eating the ones that are sold by giant burger chains which will cost you a lowly P65/complete meal.
This is libelous. I won’t tell you. Best is: next time you plan to eat in any of those burger joints email me. I will tell you what they use for raw mats.
I know. It’s my line.

Update: October 09, 2015, now, ALL branches are closed.



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