Para kayong SINAMPAL.


Coming from a simple man himself.
Simple thinking. Un-aristocratic. Un-spoiled.
All approaches are simple and B2B (Back to Basic).

BTW, for the nth time you (or one of your clans), were elected to that office, where were you?
What have you accomplished?
Why didn’t you do these before?

Well according to an unimpeachable source (the nobody I just met a while ago), reasons are:
1st year of term: busy educating self
2nd year of term: busy making-creating funds for the coming poll in 2 years.
3rd year of term: busy campaigning for next year’s poll.
This goes on until the last term-then a clan comes in for JUST 1 term…same banana takes place-then he comes back to do it again for the next 3 terms.

OMG!!! Oh yah. You’re so busy.
3 “MUSTS” to be an effectively efficient public servant:
1. sincere concern for improving plight of constituents/citizenry via well studied programs NOT mere dole outs or “abuloy” to KB4L (Kasal, Binyag, Birthday, Burol, Basketball (courts), Libing) that thereby promote MENDICANCY (“panglilimos”)
2. determination to serve via above programs
3. “balls” to carry on the concern and determination.

What did you lack? ALL?
So why are you there?
Para kayong sinampal ng isang “Promdi”…na nagta-trabaho naman…ng sincere.

My conclusion:
No other Philippine President did ever accomplish what Duterte had-days even before his proclamation
transcending to few days right after such.
“Marami napahiya”. “Manigas kayo”. “Oh sino sisisihin niyo?”
This is a…


CONDEMNATION: Another Burger House


It really pains me that many of “us” “happy eaters”, while paying the right higher amount, are served with food where raw materials are the ones used by LOW COST equivalent.
A good example is: for almost 95% similarity, the raw mats used in the production of “those P20.00 1+1 roadside burgerans” are also used in the processing of
“one of the most publicized, adored and really fast-sprouting burger houses”.
The 2 main garnishings absent in the low cost one are: fried bacon and lettuce. And patronizers of this joint taste ONLY these 2 items and claim…very good,
tasty, yummy…WHAT? What is yummy? The bacon, lettuce & the garnishings or the patty itself?

Questions: Why adorn patties with mountainous “ek-ek”? Can’t they be delegated to as “sides”? Are you covering up something in the patty?
“Extenders” galore sum up the ingredients in the high cost patty. From hydrated TVP to chicken MDM (Mechanically Deboned Meat of chicken) to tapioca starch. WHEW! this is up-front robbery.
What to do: when you’re served with burger that you’ve paid a wealth to enjoy…separate the patty from the bun and all the garnishings and the dressings. Bite…just bite into the patty and examine the aroma + flavor well. Does it have that “ango”? (the distinct smell of beef flesh) Have you bitten some “tough flesh” of beef?
If you get a plain smelling patty (no “ango”) and the texture is very well ground-no bits or chunks-and a bit bouncy (“ibalibag nyo sa lamesa”-slap it unto table top)…pag matalbog (should it be bouncy)…WOW, you might be eating the ones that are sold by giant burger chains which will cost you a lowly P65/complete meal.
This is libelous. I won’t tell you. Best is: next time you plan to eat in any of those burger joints email me. I will tell you what they use for raw mats.
I know. It’s my line.

Update: October 09, 2015, now, ALL branches are closed.



“Law of Supply & Demand”…its real meaning.




Not so.

The Law of Supply & Demand…the “real” meaning.
(by: J. Dante S. Morados)
GREED that is.
Someone, somewhere along the path of sale, got GREEDY.
Allow me to sift this matter.
And pardon my redundancy in the utilization of some words
as I just wish to be very simply-clear expounding the topic.
Originally and as I grow older
I’ve realized that the common knowledge:
when the demand is high…price goes up.
when the demand is low…price goes down with it
when the supply is high…price goes down,
when the supply is low…price goes up
or more accurately
when the supply is high-price goes up with high demand
and goes down with low demand.
when the supply is low-price goes up in high demand
and stays low when no one buys
is just due to the natural reaction of sellers
dictated by supply circumstances. Plain and simple.Days passed I begun to think deeper.
When many buy…whatever is your stock (supply) situation… PRICE WILL DEFINITELY GO UP.
Did anything happen to your stocks when the DEMAND was, say…10 and then sky rocketed to 100?Let’s go to production/trade costing.
Example: to sell 10 pieces you need:
1 staff to produce
1 staff to sell
plus say… $10 worth of raw materials and allowance for utilities
then your total production cost is upped by certain % for your Gross Margin or Profit.
By it, you are happy with what and how much you will earn. Isn’t it?Now demand rises to 100. Surely, you will need more people, raw mats and utilize more utilities.
Now you have 10 staff, 10 sellers and $100 worth of raw mats + utilities allowance.
Is there a CHANGE in the situation?
Isn’t the situation similar when demand was 10 and then it rises up to 100?
Did you incur more expenses?
Will you realize lesser profit due increment in staff, raw materials and utilities?
Isn’t it, the additional costs to defray additional staff,
raw mats and utilities are CHARGEABLE and taken cared off by the additional demand?So why increase price?
Why do you have to do so when your item is selling well?
Aren’t you happy that your stocks, at the present price, are depleted naturally?
You go home happy with the intended margin or profit attained, anyway.
Why jack-up price when demand increases?
To gain more?
Are you not satisfied with your ORIGINAL-NORMAL-INTENDED profit?You are GREEDY!!!
You take advantage of the situation.In fact your expenses might even go down, How?
Buying raw mats good for 10 is NOT the same as buying raw mats good for 100.
Due to higher volume you might get a discount and/or
earn better payment term isn’t it?
So why be greedy?Ok. You did not increase price.
But the trader who bought from you did the increase.
…and so on until the last seller/trader
succumbs to greediness.Are buses jacking up fares when demand for rides on
All Saints’ Day or Christmas goes up.
They increase the number of fleet to serve the public.
That’s earning more by increasing service
One possible exception I could bear of is, say,
due to typhoon ravages the roads heading to market area
were damaged and haulers of goods have to swerve unto detours and/or diversions to reach trading site.
Doing so, they consume more fuel along the line of sale.
The increase in selling price is…
justifiably allowed and does NOT constitute GREEDINESS.
But in the same line of thought, greediness surfaces again
when for instance the increase in fuel cost is, say,
$0.50 and the transporters charge $1.50 increase.
That’s what we call “tong-patch”.
The very reason for the one track-minded line of determination of majority of well-mannered,
educated and high moral-ed people to
become politicians in my country…the fruits of being in public office…
the practice of 99% of them…perpetrated scores of years back
until now…un-changed…un-abated.
This is the reason why I don’t grow rich financially.
Am not greedy and am not a politician.

Another un-allowed price increase to bathe into the
       “motive of law of supply & demand”       
is, again, due to almost wiped out farm products caused by typhoon, farmer (or the trader in between)
sells the minutely-salvaged produce at
price higher, much higher,
than his previous pre-typhoon’s.
To compensate for the loss?
Ain’t it a tinge of “greediness”?
Why take advantage of the event?
Why penalize your patrons?
Cause was “force majeur” not due to anybody else’s.
Let’s check the case of firecrackers sold at a famous town in Philippines, widely known when it comes to pyrotechnics.
Prices are normal up to 3 days before New Year’s Eve.
From 1 to 2 days prior to Dec. 31,
traders jack prices up 15-20% higher than normal.
On Dec. 31st itself, from sunrise until dawn, prices are up to 20-25% higher than usual.
At the dot of 7:00pm or thereabouts, as demand drops, they SUDDENLY WILL LOWER prices to almost ONE HALF of usual.

Price manipulation is evident.
GREED surfaces in times like these.
Why take advantage of high demand? For MORE gain?
Can you feed your family with earnings coming from this “racket”?
Similar exercise of GREED shows by vendors of flowers by this known central selling site.
Days before Valentine’s, All Saints’ & All Souls’,
prices are the usual…afterwhich, the style of firecrackers’ sellers are duplicated…exactly.

There are allowable and justifiable factors to institute price up: increase in production-admin-marketing costs,
utilities, raw mats, ingredients, labor etc.
But, I can’t dig any further understanding beneath my flesh
to accept the notion behind:
“Law of Supply & Demand”.

Can anyone please enlighten me re: this “Law”.
Oh my GOD.

(Bad) Glamourized “begging” and an insult to your capability.

Begging Hand

Early Sunday morning 5:00am mass.
Nobody was around except for few parishioners.
Vehicles parked at both sides of wide street…really wide that you can play soccer in the middle.
After the mass street was already swarmed by people, young, old, PWDs, apparently strong ones etc.
“Pupungas-pungas pa. Yung iba may MUTA pa sa mata”
As if meeting among them was held as each one tries to assist (kuno)
assigned vehicle to swerve right or left out of parking and go straight.
First, they were not even awake when you parked there.
Second, why all of a sudden they appear from nowhere.
Third, do you really need them to assist you?
Fourth, the street was wide open that even a newby student driver can proceed smoothly.
Fifth, ISN’T IT AN INSULT TO MY CAPABILITY to be assisted?
Sixth, am super senior and driving for 48 years already.
Seventh, how can they assist when they do not even know how to drive?
Eight, YES, giving them few coins is VOLUNTARY…but don’t you feel obliged when they start assisting you?
Next, they will ask that they make “bantay” your vehicle while parked-question: what can they do if “bukas kotse gang” or carnappers start ransacking and tagging out your vehicle?
Lastly, some of them throw invectives when not given anything.

This is the usual scenario in almost all public parking.
Worst, when you encounter the habit in an enclosed private-well guarded parking area.
Why the heck are they there?
…and mind you most have body built fitted to be a construction mason…then beg?

I don’t feel obliged.
In fact our spiritual counselor, well known Archbishop, prodded us NOT to give as it is “begging”
Do you?

Engine-Oil-Driver liken to Couple-Communication-Prayer

I have read a Twitter post that likens “oil” of an engine to “prayer” in a marriage.
I completely dis-agree.
“Oil” is an active need for the engine to run.
“Prayer” is passive approach to a marriage…always seeking…always requesting…always asking…always petitioning.
Due to “prayers” the concrete points of both spouses are more often delegated to “pasensiya”
(blindfolfed-outright undertanding) that they root out again & again in future “discussions” of same spouses.
Why not liken “oil” to “constant communication” in marriage…
then liken “Prayer” in marriage to the “Driver” of oil & engine.
Isn’t it more fitting?
A couple (engine) needs constant communication (oil)
with “prayer” (driver) leading the way through.
Let’s dive into side-by-side analogy.
In video above (thank you YouTube), “couple” can be represented by the “engine” with “pistons”
the 4 round things going up & down (2 on both sides will be the man & 2 inside will be the wife).
They keep on moving that they need “oil” (“communication”) to perform smoothly.
Notice that NEVER do the 4 ALL GO UP at the same time.
When  the 2 on both sides are UP-the 2 in the middle are DOWN…then vice versa.
Meaning…while “oil” or “communication” lubricates the “couple” (“engine”),
this “oil”/”communication” dictates that when the man (the 2 pistons on sides) are UP (in anger or argument),
the wife (the 2 pistons in the middle) MUST BE DOWN…and, again, vice versa.
The process cools the otherwise heated discussion(s)…this is understanding, forgiveness…acceptance.
Now, when the “engine” is fully “oiled”, it makes the “whole vehicle” (“the life of the couple”)
to run very smoothly.
The only thing absent is…the DRIVER…which I liken to PRAYER for the “vehicle”
to be MANEUVERED: forward, backward, left or right.
Your religion, sect or belief will be the DRIVER to STEER “engine’s”/”couple’s”
life to fulfillment.
What now if the couple does not believe in any religion, sect or belief?
At least, for sure, they have “faith” in a HE, SHE or IT,
the “faith” that leads them to seek said HE, SHE or IT
each time they feel the need to.
And such will be their DRIVER or PRAYER.
For if they, all, subscribe to this analogy…


Happy will you be.