(Travel-Sports) On prep for following day’s Safeguard Active 5i50 Triathlon at this Casita by the Beach. WOW! Check it out.

October 05, 2013, on concrete stilts, this spectacular Casita at Kamana Sanctuary Resort & Spa (Subic Naval Station, Philippines) relaxes my being while busy preparing gears needed to snap great shots of followings day’s
Safeguard Active 5i50 Triathlon.
My son (Janssen) & his wife (Ging), daughter (Cha) & a grand daughter (Andee)
are participating in this 1.5km swim-40km bike-10km run.
A former U.S. Naval Station in Asia, Subic’s sea is perfect for the 1.5km open water swim.
The undulatingly hilly road, where most of the sides are forests,
promises a hard climb but a rewarding downhill fast stretch in bike leg.
Just be aware of forest monkeys crossing the streets every now and then.
And this same up-down road will again be engaged by tri-athletes for the run.
Posting pics of the event next.

Sports & photography this time. WOW!

I love this shot snapped at the beachfront of Shangrila-Mactan Cebu, Phils. during 2012’s IronMan 70.3
Side of the sea where athletes started off for the swim leg-back then head for transition area enroute to bike leg.

And talking of tranquility…hmmm peace & quiet. Highly recommended.

All of these plus more serene spots at Shangrila-Mactan, Cebu, Philippines
I really love this place: superb tasteful food (unlike most here in MM plus many resorts where all they serve is “plating”, meaning ALL plates then taste is NOTHING=”plating”), well-trained all day long courteous staff and  lots of great relaxation sites.