Taal Vista Lodge, Tagaytay City, Philippines


Savor the best in center table offerings amidst shivery atmosphere,
crisp refreshing inhales of oxygen, atop views of world acclaimed Taal lake, greeneries
and hmmmmm re-invigorating breeze.
Join me as we delve into their “bragging rights”.
One sunday, was in my usual “alone again naturally” state,
my legs and driving acumen led me to, once more, dive into adventure and gear up to Tagaytay City,
the fave destination of many for food, sights and weather.
About 80-90 kms from Manila and 15-18 kms from my place.
Lunch time that was and found me seated by the buffet area.
Oh OK go for it…murmured to myself.



Create Your Own FIA Salad

Create Your Pinoy Salad


Sisig Area


First Batch

My second take post salad.

My 2nd batch



That’s about all. Am full. I am just the “tikim guy” anyway and shelled out Php1,300++ for such.
BTW, “tikim” means mainly savouring/taste test to find out whether outstanding
or should be delegated outside the mess hall for their ain’t appropriateness
…due to rancidity or blandness or toughness to wrong process utilization plus the other heck of criteria.
Seriously, for the food preps, I will rate Veranda 8 out of 10.
More so the overnight marination of grilled boneless chicken in honey, lots of honey,
soy sauce, brown sugar, ground black pepper, chili powder,
very subdued acidity of lemon (I think) or vinegar though gas grilled bit well done is a “must try”.
That prep caught my attention.
Did not show here the shot of roasted beef as some non-rare to mid-rare eater readers
might be horrified in sight of leaking off reddish-pink blood when sliced
…but they do welcome roasting further to medium-well to well-done.

Ham’s curved pork skin-brown seared to simulate “Hawaiian Style” was really tough.
Lean tasted sugar sweetened with hints of I don’t know. But “curing” is well attained.

The views worth staring at to re-charge:




Rooms to stay-perfect site, function and event halls-ideal
and wide play ground awaits kids’ run and about.

Did not take shots of rooms and other facilities as I was not on pre-approved blog writing visit.
Anyway, here’s their link:

Thumbs up.
Highly recommended to visit.

AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo”

Aviles Original Bulalo

AVILES…the Original House of “Bulalo”

In this aged life of mine, I’ve tasted different types of Bulalo (boiled beef shank).
From the very bountiful addition of cabbage, pechay, Baguio beans and corn to
mega affluent pouring of beef flavored cubes or powder.
Overall taste is apparently doused with combination of the above
enticing clients that their prep is “authentic” or “original” or “the best”.
You exclaim WOW when they flood you with lorry loads of extra soup
clearly dumped with whole black peppercorns.

Sorry. Not for me.
I go for the real taste of beef.
This I found with Aviles’ Bulalo.
No veggies. Plain boiled beef and I love it.
A bit cured, I supposed, as lean meat is evidently pinkish.
Still the same aroma, taste and presentation the first time I went here in 2006.
Soup, also aplenty and refillable, has that authentic “lasa” of boiled beef in a gigantic
vat, with abundant beef bones, and done over and over again.
This gives its prep genuine aftertaste.
Haven’t you witnessed this in side streets of Hongkong
where souped noodles are heavenly?

No more adjectives here.
I urge you to visit the place and scan for yourselves.





SInaing Na Tuna

“Sinaing Na Tuna”

Our Ulam

And we decided to stay in the air conditioned area.

Aircon Area2

Bought some “Pasalubong” before stepping out.


Highly recommended. 
Bring your loved ones and friends. You won’t regret the experience despite the travel.

National Highway, Real, Calamba City, Laguna
Tel: (049)545 2772

Memories linger…a write up about an events’ place worth your while and bucks.

June is wedding month,
reason for the term; June Bride.
How about:
*inciting your guests to your venue sans the gridlock traffic of the Metro?
*allowing them to wander around in almost hectare-wide parking area
in choice of best spot for their vehicles and
noticing their contentment-feeling secured-not a bit of worry as they leave them behind?
*witnessing them in awe viewing the man made lake?
*seeing the comfort in their faces inhaling the freshest air ever of the surrounding?
*wowing them as they enter the site?
*feeling, too, your guests’ satiety as they enjoy the food repertoire prepared by the site’s accredited premier food caterers?

What then could it be and where?






The events place of Nuvali, Sta Rosa, Laguna.

And it’s not just for weddings but for any momentous assemblage, like now,
2 religious groups hold their weekend services here:
Victory Church-Sta. Rosa
Saddleback Church

We could go on and on with notes, praises, exact location, caterers, prices etc..
Better yet scan their website and FB page and find out replies to your questions.



YOU ARE GREAT…yes you are.

Sharing unto deserving needy your legally, morally hard earned accumulations results to that un-explainable feeling of “satisfaction, more free flowing inhale-exhale, the ecstatic sense of as if we’re floating with the air and a bit slower than normal pulsations”.


GOD’s Almighty-ness at work.

Rekindle that feeling like slouching on a chair with this view at hand.

MAKE A WISH Peace Shot

Blessing others… we are blessed back with such a state of inner peace. Contentment. Feeling fulfilled.

Satiety is even more when the “resource” shared ensues to ”sacrifice” of one or more “wants/needs”
with which the family wholeheartedly agrees to such sharing.

By so, YOU ARE GREAT! Yes you are.

Wanna feel GREAT? Read on…
Kids WISH a lot.
From possessing or plainly enjoying a simple toy to freeing themselves from life threatening illnesses.
Some can foot the bill while majority can’t.

MAKE-A-WISH Philippines (MAWP) is the FIRST and ONLY wish-granting foundation in the country.

Affiliated with MAKE-A-WISH International, the largest wish-granting org in the world, MAWP aims to grant wishes of children ages 3-17 with life-threatening med conditions to experience our generosity and face lives full of hope, vibrant strength and joy.

Through simple time-dedication to a resourceful grant, THIS…we can make possible…
if we SHARE.

MakeAWish Pic

Asher wished only for a toy car… what he got was even more!
Not only a play car to enjoy with, generous-triathlete-actor Kuya Matteo Guidicelli drove him around in his ultra fast sportscar.
Great day for Asher.


7 wish kids’ dreams came true at Kidzania, thanks to the ever-so-generous Wish Genies from Macquarie.
Above is Robby, 5 years old with Rhabdomyosarcoma,
rocking his new shades and the toy Ford Car that he wished for!


March 20 was the International Day of Happiness
and MAWP celebrated it the best way it knew how to spread happiness- by granting wishes.
9 wishes were granted that joyful day.
Thank you to our ever-supportive Wish Genies Pinky Webb , Rovilson Fernandez, and couple Jeremy & Rica Marcilla.
Joaquin (at pic above), 4 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have a tablet.”
Amarelle, 8 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have HK shoes (size 32), coloring books, ballpen.”
Arhian, 5 years old with Neuro blastoma, “I wish to have a Dora Stuffed toy & backpack.”
Glenn Patrick, 8 years old with Acute Myleogenic Leukemia, ” I wish to have a Spiderman Robot.”
Dane, 3 years old with Leukemia, “I wish to have Hot wheels.”
Alejandro, 9 years old with Osteo Genetic Imperfecta, “I wish to have a Lego Creator.”
Mark, 7 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have a tablet.”
John Ren, 13 years old with Celebral Palsy, “I wish to have a tablet.”
Kayla, 10 years old with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, “I wish to have a kitchen toy.”

Aside from getting their wishes granted, these cuties enjoyed an afternoon of parlor games and art activities
while their family members blissfully witnessed the “smiles and laughter’ that pervaded the air.
Oh my. Fulfilled.


Organized by Time Horizon Events, a dinner banquet was held at
The MONOCHROME (above),
an AAA ultra secured and serenely nestled events’ place
in fantastically fastest rising business and residential site
south of Metro Manila, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna.

The event not just created awareness amongst attendees,
but they were truly teary-eyed-enlightened hearing testimonies from Darwin, Raymond and Mary Rose
kids who have been beneficiaries of the foundation.

Mr. Bill Hevener one of the Board of Trustees, passionately explained how they operate and why they believe in the
Power of a Wish
a human experience of hope, strength and joy for these kids.

Let’s give MAWP a call. There are various WAYS you can SHARE.
Quite difficult or apprehensive the first time?
The moment you get the feel of “fulfillment and joy” the first time, next times are peanuts.

MAKE-A-WISH Philippines

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/MakeAWishPhilippines/?fref=ts

Let’s put a “smile” to as many kids’ lives as we can.
That “wonderful smile” almost always coupled with teary-eyed, gratitude-filled  faces of recipients.
If it ain’t GOD’s hands blessing us and the children we’re blessing with,

Singapore = leadership, discipline, system, cleanliness = progress.