Check out this yuk bread loaf. Super-duper-mega-ultra bland. Never again.


Trying to imitate, far from duplicating, the famous and best known raisin bread of Baguio Country Club, this TH bread house, via brilliant marketing no-brainer,  did a nice job of selling a very bland-ACTUALLY NO TASTE AT ALL- loaves.

Part of a big food group, loaves are offered at a bargain (and so that’s the marketing strategy or should I say marketing s-tragedy). It could be the very reason why the loaves are yuk & PWEH!

All I can, and my wife, taste is flour. Dough lacks a tinge of sweetness to mask bland aftertaste of flour. But no. They went on producing the sad kind. Their production gurus might claim that by increasing sugar content…dough won’t rise that much. Bull….! Who taught you guys that? There are various ways of resolving that.

The raisins.Are they? Could be the LOW COST ones sold in bulk at Divisoria imported from China. No raisin taste at all. ZERO. As in “BOKYA”.

My wallet is strongly protesting that purchase.
DON’T be a victim. They are in major malls.