Maki-“baka”…(go roast beef this time). No-sweat quick recipe.


(Lean meat-generous rib marinated & roasted)
Devoid of “papa-rarap” & culinarism, a simple finger food that went with my red wine
post various shots taken from people who gathered at Luneta Park to denounce PDAF (Pork Barrel).
…and so the title…Maki-“Baka” (go for beef).
1/2 kilo beef rib marinated overnight in ref with 200 ml. tap water, 200 ml. Sprite (or 7-UP should you wish),
4 grams salt, 2 grams MSG (OPTIONAL), 2 grams ground black pepper, 0.5 gram Spanish paprika,
crushed 5 garlic cloves and 2 grams Tabasco-red for light kick.
Give it a good massage and tossing and tumbling after 4 hours of soaking

to break the protein of meat so marinade will have smoother & easier flavor penetration.
Brush pan with enough palm or soya oil. Lay marinated beef.
Pre heat oven. Upon reaching 170 deg C (338 deg F),
Wedge UNTO OVEN your pan with beef.
Roast for 1 to 1.5 hours or until internal temp of meat is
at 71 deg C (160 deg F) for medium or 77 deg C (170 deg F) for well.
Pair with red wine or beer.

The natural color & texture of pure cattle corned beef. No extender. No colorants. No MDM. Not cara-beef.


MDM = Mechanically Deboned Meat of chicken. Cara-beef = meat of carabao or India’s  water buffalo.


FISH HAM: less sinful way of enjoying Christmas year-round.


From the normal pork leg or brisket or porkloin to process whole ham, I used Cream Dory from Vietnam and employed all the needed ingredients, marination/curing processes and procedures usual in pork ham making but using a less sinful subject…
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Our way of wood smoking  bar sausages for hours.


 The Vigan Longaniza or “bar sausages” we produce
utilize hog casings from either USA or Netherlands and undergo
2-3 hours of hickory wood smoking to elicit that sensational burnt aroma,
firmer texture and taste rounded-ness.