Blog Comments Analyzed by a Psychologist.


Noticing proliferation of blog comments that are profane, ridiculous
and degrading, I conferred with a psychologist-friend
to seek her take on why these types of readers are seemingly happy doing so.
The usual target of “mockery” is the subject dealt with and NOT the author.
For if the writer is put to “center stage”,
it can classify as libel and legal suits may ensue.
For instance, just read a blogger’s post of her recipe in her attractive site.
Shots are fantastic. Grammar perfect. Diction is simple and friendly to readers.
Here comes 2 comments from nowhere in Bermuda Triangle:
1.    “It looks like horse shit” or
” It looks like a _____ rather than a _____”.
2.    “That is a fake recipe for a _______.”
Her conclusion:
For the 1st comment: the person commenting has absolutely
NOTHING to say. He/she just wants to be noticed. PERIOD.
In Tagalog this is KSP (Kulang Sa Pansin/Ever Hungry for Attention))
A lot of times they comment without even reading the write-up or blog.
This is a “shotgun” fire out without knowing what’s happening first.

Most often doers of this type are “incognito”
or are hiding behind masked identities
for they are so, and very, afraid to be recognized.
2nd: the comment giver is actually ENVIOUS of the article as he/she, himself/herself,
maybe cooks or prepares similar food.
But why this writer command attention…and he/she doesn’t?
Their mindset is: I’m better than you. I can do better.
Question here: why don’t they create their own blog or write-up
and be on high heavens exposing what they know of.
Answer: they, too, are afraid for they might NOT have good command of English
or does not know how to go about writing & composing

 that they may become the subject of ridicule.
To refrain from experiencing that…they ridicule others.

OR, and the BIG OR on this type is
         they know NOTHING.         
Experienced once or twice similar recipe somewhere,
thought and outright instilled in their minds, that
All other ways are FAKE.

The word “innovation” is foreign to them.

My friend ended in advising don’t mind those “attention grabbers”.
Go tell the blogger
to let those KSPs bathe in their pool of ineptitude, fright and sulking.
Usually they never accomplish anything.
They thrive on dissent and negativism.
Oh yah…AMEN.

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