(Bad) Glamourized “begging” and an insult to your capability.

Begging Hand

Early Sunday morning 5:00am mass.
Nobody was around except for few parishioners.
Vehicles parked at both sides of wide street…really wide that you can play soccer in the middle.
After the mass street was already swarmed by people, young, old, PWDs, apparently strong ones etc.
“Pupungas-pungas pa. Yung iba may MUTA pa sa mata”
As if meeting among them was held as each one tries to assist (kuno)
assigned vehicle to swerve right or left out of parking and go straight.
First, they were not even awake when you parked there.
Second, why all of a sudden they appear from nowhere.
Third, do you really need them to assist you?
Fourth, the street was wide open that even a newby student driver can proceed smoothly.
Fifth, ISN’T IT AN INSULT TO MY CAPABILITY to be assisted?
Sixth, am super senior and driving for 48 years already.
Seventh, how can they assist when they do not even know how to drive?
Eight, YES, giving them few coins is VOLUNTARY…but don’t you feel obliged when they start assisting you?
Next, they will ask that they make “bantay” your vehicle while parked-question: what can they do if “bukas kotse gang” or carnappers start ransacking and tagging out your vehicle?
Lastly, some of them throw invectives when not given anything.

This is the usual scenario in almost all public parking.
Worst, when you encounter the habit in an enclosed private-well guarded parking area.
Why the heck are they there?
…and mind you most have body built fitted to be a construction mason…then beg?

I don’t feel obliged.
In fact our spiritual counselor, well known Archbishop, prodded us NOT to give as it is “begging”
Do you?

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