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Soon…an austere new “burger” chomp-up is to be a catchword.

One of the 2 requests ( an infant burger joint at Kamias and a native resto at Novaliches both in QC) to drop by and savour their magnum opus  then issue comments, positive & constructively negative, for the better. As always, wouldn’t agree to free tasting as I do not wish to be beholden thereby spelling out ONLY positive sides. […]


TENDERIZED DEEP FRIED “LIEMPO” (Parboiled Pork Belly Deep Fried To Crunchy Outside-Juicy Inside Bite) As mentioned in my other post re “Liempo”, pork belly is one of the most modifiable parts of pig meat. Be it roasted, grilled, fried, BBQed, be processed into bacon strips, “sinigang” (tamarind soup base with veggies), “nilaga” (plain boiled and […]

Banana Leaves Wrapped Flame Grilled “Talakitok”

BANANA LEAVES-FOIL WRAPPED FLAME GRILLED “TALAKITOK” (Wrapped-Seasoned Jack/Trevally Flame Grilled to Juiciness ) The height of delectability summoned to be on center stage. To augment 250 pax’ food line up, due to non availability-in lieu of “Grilled “Panga” (jaw) ng Tuna”, quick decision as to alternate was needed. The best bet-fortunately readily obtainable- was: “Talakitok” […]


CRAB “BIJON” (Sautéd Crab In Lightly Souped Rice Noodles ) Cellophane Noodles (Glass Noodles, Crystal Noodles, Chinese Vermicelli, Bean Thread Noodles or “Sotanghon” – Pilipino) denote one and the same. Processed from mung beans (“monggo”), this type of thin, round, glassy when cooked noodles is widely used in Oriental cuisines. Careful not to confuse this with “rice noodle” which is our “Bihon”, the […]


FULLY MARINATED-ROLLED-BROILED “LIEMPO” (Pork Belly Marinated for 5 Hours Rolled and Broiled to Perfect Tenderness) 2 years ago, November 21, 2014, I posted Baked “Liempo”. (click for recipe) This time I will be utilizing the same versatile pork cut, on a bit different marinade mix and new cooking prep. Prep time: 1 hour Cook time: 3 […]